Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Morning Dump

- Seth Davis provides a great-read on Southern Miss coach Larry Eustachy, who is making the most of his second chance

- Luke Winn Power Rankings. Now w/ more B.I.A.H.

- There will never be a true, definitive set of rules on court-storming, but this is about as good as we are going to get right now

- Oh that's right, Duke and North Carolina get to do it all over again

- Your weekly update on the Bernie Fine scandal: Wife's sex life is off limits, says lawyer

- Murray State lost, but their season isn't over with just yet

- Look, it's Matt Norlander's weekly attempt at trying to be Luke Winn.....Although Matt does provide a great list. Speaking of Norlander, Kentucky Sports Radio went at him pretty hard. Listen, I love ripping on Norlander as much as the next guy. But still, how about we dial it down a bit fellas?

- But we're not done with Norlander just yet. He wanted to know which ACC-finish was better: '12 Duke/UNC or the "Miracle Minute"? The Rivers-led comeback was great, but nothing beats "The Miracle Minute"

- It looks like the Big-XII is going to help West Virginia pay their way out of the Big East

- I hope to God these jerseys are a one-time-thing

- North Carolina guard Dexter Strickland had successful surgery to repair the meniscus and ACL on his right knee

- Georgetown assistant Kenya Hunter was released from an area hospital after being admitted for feinting prior to the Hoya's departure for Syracuse on Wednesday

- Villanova's Maalik Wayns has been listed as "day-to-day" due to a sprained-ACL he suffered on Tuesday against Providence. But it's unlikely that he returns in time for Saturday's game against South Florida

- Louisville forward Wayne Blackshear has been cleared to play. The freshman has been out since the early fall due to a torn right labrum

- Rush The Court provides a run down of the teams that are starting to get hot at the right time

- I'm usually a vocal supporter of "citing your sources", but in this case, I think it was an honest mistake coupled with unintentional-similarity

- In case you ever wondered what Michael Jordan's national Letter of Intent looked like......

You fired-up for Wichita State vs. Creighton rd2?

A high-school full-court bounce-pass buzzer-beating alley-oop? Yes, all of those hyphens are worth it

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