Monday, February 20, 2012

The Buzzer-Beater none of us saw

I hope you enjoyed th3 weekend.

After all, it was a great weekend of hoops. There were great games, great moments, and a bunch of great finishes.

Saturday featured the most single-day buzzer-beaters of the season. Four of them were documented by the internet's finest (Creighton, Penn, Pacific, Virginia Tech).

They were also ranked by Jeff Eisenberg.

But clearly we didn't do enough sleuthing, because there was a fifth buzzer-beater.

That's Ty Greene of USC-Upstate hitting a game-winning three-pointer against Lipscomb on Saturday night. The Spartans trailed by 13 with 12 minutes left, but Greene, who finished with a game-high 17 points, led a comeback, and capped it off with the game-winner.

The win moved the Spartans to 11-4 in the Atlantic Sun and 18-10 overall, which is a far cry from the team's 5-25overall  and 4-16 A-Sun record from just a year ago.

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