Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Morning Dump

This post is brought to you by the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, MO.

I greatly apologize for the lack of dumpage the last two days. You have no idea how exhausting it is to literally walk Rob through every stage of this trip. He is as unreliable as the Postal Service and doesn't bring anything to the table other than his typing skills.

Anyways, I got some links for you to peruse. You better do it.

- Use this page to find all the #BIAHroadtrip content

- Sorry Goodman, but you didn't go on a "road trip". We are on a "road trip". You took airplanes. That doesn't count. Plus, the college basketball road trip industry isn't big enough for anybody other than my ego.

- Jeff Pearlman went in on Kentucky fans, and well, it wasn't received too well

- Myron Medcalf nails it. Winning is a skill, and Indiana is still learning how to do it

- Cincinnati got a huge road-victory last night against UConn, and may end up being the team's signature win of the season. But are the Bearcats really the second best team in the Big East?

- Jay Bilas provides a great list of 14 non-BCS power schools (Insiders Only)

- Sorry, but John Jenkins is not even close to being considered Player of the Year

- Former-St. John's freshman Nurideen Lindsay will attend Rider instead of Arkansas

- All Matt Christopherson does is hits buzzer-beaters

- The top-5 student sections in the Big-XII. Sorry, but with all due respect to Kansas, K-State should be No.1. Allen Fieldhouse is a better venue, but EMAW and the Octagon of Doom are tops in the conference.

- Let the popularity contest begin

- Steve Prohm, the head coach at Murray State, has the perfect demeanor for his team. The Racers remain unbeaten after a close win against Morehead State

- I'm still not sure how these referees still have jobs

- Two court-stormings took place last night

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