Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sexual frustration running rampant at New Mexico State

What the hell is in the water at New Mexico State?

In what was arguably the most bizarre news story of the late week, a fan at New Mexico State's game against Utah State on Thursday night got ejected for making "sexual innuendo" gestures at a referee.

No, this isn't the entire story.

After the fan, Las Cruces area substitute teacher Jason Kilgore, was ejected, he then snuck back into the arena before being arrested.This case is both vastly hilarious and disturbingly sad at the same time.

But instead of going after the old "this guy is responsible for teaching the future of America?!?" angle, I'll actually try to connect this with college basketball.

Err, well, college basketball-related material, that is.

See, sexual gestures seem to be all the rage at New Mexico State right now. A month ago, sophomore Christian Kabongo was suspended for two games because he made several lewd gestures to fans during the Aggies 73-69 loss at UTEP on December 11th.

Fans complained to the UTEP athletic department that Kabongo "grabbed his crotch" in the direction of the crowd after several made baskets.

Kabongo eventually issued an apology and was reinstated on December 20th. But just a few weeks after being reinstated, the athletic wing left the program and asked for his scholarship release.

Do we need to clarify that "Keeping your hands to yourself" also includes not gesturing anything inappropriate to somebody else? I mean, think about the two people in question here: One is an educator and the other a scholarship student-athlete. Clearly, the educational structure in New Mexico needs some changes.

Or maybe people just need to grow up.

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