Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pics/Vids: Game 9: Missouri State vs. Creighton

Wednesday, January 18th
JQH Arena, Missouri State University
Creighton 66, Missouri State 65

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This post is brought to you by the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, MO.

(A Missouri State player takes in the scene prior to their Wednesday night game against Creighton. The Bears handed the Bluejays their first and only conference loss a month ago in Omaha.)

(Ahh, the indoor blimp, such a lost art. We have only seen two blimps thus far, and both of them have been at mid-major schools.)

(Missouri State players get a good stretch in before the game.)

(Missouri State players go through pregame layup lines.)

(The Bear's student section was rockin' out the entire game. Wait, is that Jeff Borzello on the bottom left? Dude, why didn't you tell us you were going to be in Springfield?!?)

(Even "the green man" made an appearance at the game.)

(The Missouri State mascot visits with the student section.)

(Creighton's Gregory Echenique was rocking some bright pink Nikes for the game.)

(This family got the best seat in the house.)

(Grant Gibbs takes a jump shot during warm-ups. Gibbs had a big game, especially in the second half. He was 4-6 from the field and chipped in with three rebounds and two assists.)

(Jahenns Manigat gets a good stretch in before the game.)

(Oh crap, I've been spotted.)

(The Bears huddle up for the final time before introductions.)

(The scene at the JQH Arena right before tip-off.)

(The Bluejays huddle up for the final time before tip-off.)

(A mixture of crowd shots from throughout the game. The environment at the JQH Arena was terrific. Every Missouri Valley Conference game is important, and the fans provide a high level of intensity.)

(Rutgers-transfer Gregory Echenique sets a pick for Doug McDermott in the first half. Echenique led all scorers with 16 points.)

(Missouri State attempts a first half foul shot.)

(Grant Gibbs watches the play develop after passing the ball to Echenique on the low block.)

(Coach McDermott gets ready for a media-timeout.)

(Missouri State has two mascots. In fact, all the mid-major schools we've visited (Missouri State, Xavier and Belmont) had two mascots. I don't get it.)

(Jamar Gulley had to be helped off the floor after injuring his right ankle. He would eventually return, but was not the same.)

(The Missouri State "danceleaders". I think they were called "The Sugar Bears".)

(As if Echenique didn't already standout enough, his pink shoes certainly helped.)

(Missouri State head coach Paul Lusk directs his team from the sidelines.)

(Anthony Downing battles Gregory Echenique for a rebound. Downing is 5-foot-11 and weights 180-lbs. Echenique stands 6-foot-7 and weights 270-lbs. Just s slight mismatch.)

(After a double-foul was called in the second half, Coach Lusk had some questions for the referee. They went unanswered.)

(Grant Gibbs had some questions for the referee as well.)

(Echenique takes a foul shot. The big man finished a perfect 6-for-6 from the line.)

(Creighton had possession and a one point lead before turning the ball over. The Bears had 21.8 seconds to get a shot. Kyle Weems had a good look but it was off the mark. Doug McDermott grabbed the rebound and was fouled with 6.2 second left. He missed the front-end of a 1-and-1, and the Bears had one more chance to win the game.

(The Missouri State student section was on their feet for a majority of the second half.)

(Guard Anthony Downing waits on the perimeter to receive the ball. He finished with 14 points.)

(Missouri State sets up to defend a Creighton in-bounds play.)

(The entire arena was on their feet for the final few possessions.)


Anonymous said...

that's not antoine young stretching before the game. Looks like Maingat

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good visit to JQH.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the BIAH team (Rob/Troy) pic on every court?