Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pics/Vids: Game 7: Wisconsin vs. Nebraska

Sunday, January 15th
The Kohl Center, University of Wisconsin
Wisconsin 50, Nebraska 45

Game 6 - Marquette vs. Pittsburgh
Game 5 - Butler vs. Cleveland State
Game 4 - Indiana vs. Minnesota
Game 3 - Xavier vs. Duquesne
Game 2 - Kentucky vs. South Carolina
Game 1 - Belmont vs. Lipscomb

(The Green Bay Packers held their divisional playoff game at the exact same time as the Wisconsin Badgers game. I went went around to see why Packer fans decided to attend the Badgers game.)

(The frozen tundra outside The Kohl Center. The gametime temprature was "cold. Really really cold.")

(Nebraska goes through pregame drills and calisthenics. If there was ever a day to play Wisconsin at The Kohl Center, it would be during a Packers playoff game....which it was.)

(There was almost no student support. But there were two factors that equated in this: 1) The Packers were playing in the playoffs at the exact same time, and 2) The students were still on Christmas Break.)

(During media-timeouts and at halftime, people huddled around TVs on the concourse level to watch the Packers game.)

(In hindsight, this picture is kinda creepy.)

(Not everyone skipped the Badgers game. Rob was a big fan of the striped overalls.)

(The Badgers Basketball Hall of fame)

(He doesn't know it now, but the kid has got some style. This will pay off for him in his late teen years.)

(Luckily, Bo Ryan was on the other side of the court.)

(The view from above. Despite the amount of red in this picture, the same was very empty.)

("The sooner we can get this game finished, the more time we'll have to watch the Packers game", said the referee.)

(The student section is ussually packed to capacity. According to multiple sources, this was the worst turnout in recent memory.)

(As expected, points were hard to come by. With 10 minutes left in the first half, Wisconsin led 9-6.)

(Ryan Evans and his majestic flat-top swing the ball around the top of the key.)

(The Badgers huddle up in order to figure out why the Packers are losing to the Giants.)

(Yup. That's Bo Ryan for ya.)

("Hey Rodgers! Discount Doublecheck!)

(Nebraska sets up for an out-of-bounds play)

(This was the first time since March 2010 that Jordan Taylor did not record a single assist in a game.)

(The bench sits and waits for something exciting to happen. Hint: It never happened.)

(Doc Sadler coaches up his team during a timeout late in the second half.)

(You may not be able to see it, but Josh Gasser, middle, is wearing a Aaron Rodgers jersey. By the time the press conference began, the Packers game had ended. Jordan Taylor ended the room chastising Gasser about the Packer's loss.)

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