Monday, January 16, 2012

Pics/Vids: Game 6: Marquette vs. Pittsburgh

Saturday, January 14th
Bradley Center, Marquette University
Marquette 62, Pittsburgh 57

Game 5 - Butler vs. Cleveland State
Game 4 - Indiana vs. Minnesota
Game 3 - Xavier vs. Duquesne
Game 2 - Kentucky vs. South Carolina
Game 1 - Belmont vs. Lipscomb

(The court-side entrance to the Bradley Center.)

(We must be in Milwaukee....There are kegs everywhere.)

(The Pitt Panthers enter the Bradley Center for pregame warm-ups.)

(Off-campus arenas in large cities always have "late-arriving crowds". Such was the case at The Bradley Center.)

(Pittsburgh huddles up one last time before tip-off.)

(The Marquette player introductions.)

(The Marquette dance team. Or maybe they were cheerleaders. Honestly, what's the difference?)

(30 seconds in, and the crowd is still starting to arrive.)

(Offensive rebounds were hard to come by in the first half.)

(Worst half-court shot ever.)

(The Marquette staff huddles up during a first half timeout.)

(A Marquette family is honored during a first time media timeout.)

(Pittsburgh's John Johnson guards Marquette's Junior Cadougan. The Golden Eagles guard played much of this game sick, and had to remove himself late in the second because of, err, well, vomitting.)

(From here on out, unless I can fully distinguish cheerleaders from Dance Team members, I'm just going to refer to them all as "Danceleaders".)

A collection of Marquette fan reactions throughout the game.)

(Our view from press row. The view was solid, but the wireless internet connection was rather suspect.)

(The Marquette mascot sat down next to me during the late first half. He took one of my pens and wrote on my boxscore that "#54 (Davante Gardner) is lazy 2day". Did I ever mention that I had a substantial fear of mascots during my youth? This was a very uncomfortable situation.)

(What is this, an episode of "Blind Date"?)

(The scene at the Bradley Center during halftime.)

(Marquette players go through halftime lay-up lines.)

(The Marquette band was no less than 10 feet behind our seats. Every time they fired up a song, my heart literally shot out of my chest. Don't believe me? Ask Rob. He spent much of the time in hysterical laughter because of my reaction.)

(Buzz Williams was introduced by the PA Announcer as "The best-dressed coach in college basketball".)

(Jamie Dixon had his work cut out for him on Saturday. His team grabbed just nine offensive rebounds.)

(In theory, the T-shirt Gatling-Gun is a great invention. But it never actually delivers in practical application.)

(Pitt uses a late timeout to gameplan for the final stretch.)

(Buzz Williams in action. He's fun to watch. Never thought I'd say that about a coach.)

(The Marquette bench reacts to a late run that seals the deal.)

(Junior Cadougan asks the crowd to raise the roof.)

(Davante Gardner scores the final points of the game.)

(Marquette players walk to the bench after the final horn sounds.)

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