Monday, January 23, 2012

Pics/Vids: Game 11: Oral Roberts vs. Oakland

Saturday, January 21st
Mabee Center, Oral Roberts University
Oral Roberts 93, Oakland 86

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Game 9 - Missouri State vs. Creighton
Game 8 - Missouri vs. Texas A&M
Game 7 - Wisconsin vs. Nebraska
Game 6 - Marquette vs. Pittsburgh
Game 5 - Butler vs. Cleveland State
Game 4 - Indiana vs. Minnesota
Game 3 - Xavier vs. Duquesne
Game 2 - Kentucky vs. South Carolina
Game 1 - Belmont vs. Lipscomb

(Our third indoor-blimp sighting of the trip.)

(The production of this game from start to finish was flawless. The execution of the student section, band, promotions, operations and sports information departments was excellent. Oh and the game itself wasn't bad either.)

(The Golden Grizzlies get in some stretching and foul shots before the game.)

(The Golden Eagles go thru layup lines before the game.)

(Dominique "DoMo" Morrison takes a jumper during warmups. The senior forward is one of the most unheralded players in the country and is a candidate for Summit league Player of the Year.)

(The Golden Eagles get loose during warm-ups. The team shot 56% from the field and four players scored in double-digits.)

(Laval Lucas-Perry spent a season at Arizona and Michigan before landing at Oakland. He's one of the only fifth-year senior sto have played at three different schools.)

(The ORU band was absolutely rockin'. They played heavy-metal, ska, and classic stadium beats. They brought it all game.)

(Any band that plays "Man in the Box" is a friend of mine. Greatest rock song of the 90's. #TommyDreamer)

(Our first inflatable mascot of the trip. Sure, they seem cool, but they're just so damn unnecessary.)

(The ORU student section huddled up before tip-off to make sure they were all on the same page. They had pregame rituals and everything. It was extremely fun to watch.)

(I wish more more student sections did this.)

(Best student section costume ever? Definitely a contender.)

(The ORU dance team strikes a pose.)

(The Oakland Golden Grizzlies wait for Reggie Hamilton's introduction.)

(The scene after one of the many 3-pointers went through. Both temas shot over 50% from behind the arc.)

(It's astonishing how much Greg Kampe looks like Frank Caliendo.)

(Players on the Oakland bench pay attention to the team huddle during a first half timeout.)

(The tiniest court-storming ever.)

(Dominique Morrison guards Laval Lucas-Perry.)

(Oh, it's just some crowd volleyball. Nothing out of the ordinary at all......)

(Nearly every member of the student section was covered in white paint.)

(I have no clue who Tianna is. Hopefully, it's his girlfriend.)

(The leader of the ORU student section.)

(That's awe-diddly-awesome.)

(I'm not going to lie, this is an awesome picture.)

(Confirmation of the first 30-point scorer of the #BIAHroadtrip. Reggie Hamilton led all scorers with 30.)

(This chant never gets old.)

(The Mabee Center after everyone had gone home.)

(Dominique Morrison spent 45 minutes after the game signing autographs. He even signed one for me after the presser. What a swell guy.)

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