Monday, January 30, 2012

Kyle Wiltjer's mom does "The Bernie", and I die a little bit on the inside

In this day and age, us media-types have to be on top of everything with in the world of college hoops. Sometimes it means writing a response about a missed goaltending call. Sometimes it means posting a video about a new fan anthem.

And sometimes, it means posting video about the parent of a player doing "The Bernie".

Hopefully this is the last time I have to waste words writing about this.

What you see here is Carol Wiltjer, the mother of Kentucky freshman Kyle Wiltjer, doing "The Bernie", (H/T

I'm not sure why she's doing it, nor do I care.

But she's doing it. Horribly, yes but she's doing it nonetheless.

Since Kyle plays D-I basketball, I'm responsible for covering things like this. Listen, I love "The Bernie". I never want it to go away.

I just don't ever want to see video of somebody's mom doing it. Ever.

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