Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#BIAHRoadTrip Thank You Card

Before we officially move on from the #BIAHRoadTrip, there are a number of thank yous that we need to hand out.

But first, credit needs to be given where credit is due. This road trip wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Troy. He put together the schedule, he found the hotels, he did about 70% of the driving and he was straight up paparazzi-esque with his camera during the games.

Now for the thank yous:

- To Mike Miller from Beyond The Arc. I'm not going to get into deals, but Mike, you know how much you did. This trip would have been much more difficult to pull off if it wasn't for your help.

- To Matt Norlander, John Renshaw and Jeff Goodman, who went to great lengths to help us get some publicity for the trip. Goodman specifically, since he let us on his XM Radio show and explained how he forgot to get gas after a game Friday night and had to get Triple-A to pick him up at 1:00AM. Nice, Goodman. Nice

- To my (Rob's) girlfriend, who spent the entirety of the three weeks taking care of Izzy, the BIAH HQ house cat, and somehow managed to make an apartment that has been lived in for three years by two mid-20's guys look like, well, not that.

- To the good folks at Kentucky Sports Radio, who gave us a taste of what its like to be a celebrity in Lexington, KY. I'm not thankful, however, for the resulting hangover.

- To the fellas that work at Cincinnati that allowed us to crash their tweet-up, that didn't whoop up on Troy when he got rambunctious about a Georgetown loss and that didn't make too much fun of us when we tried to play basketball. Most importantly, thank you for making is go to Montgomery Inn to get some ribs. That was awesome.

- To Danny Forcella, who put us up for a night in Nashville; to the Millards, who let us crash for a weekend in Wisconsin; and to Kyle Dickmann, who not only let us sleep at his apartment (on a concrete floor, but still) while also teaching us to play craps well enough that we paid for gas on the drive home.

- To Kraig Williams and Wild Bill Sproat, who showed us a great time in Logan, UT, and introduced us to some friendly folks.

- Most importantly, to every single person that donated to the trip, to every single person that followed along with our journey and to every single person that interacted with us on the road, whether it was tweeting us a spot to get some good eats while we were in your town, saying hello to us at the game or taking a picture to help us document the trip.

Thank you. We couldn't have made this trip happen without you.

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