Thursday, January 5, 2012

#BIAHRoadTrip The Diary, Part I: What you can expect, and the lost inverter

9:34 am Day 1
Washington DC
Total Miles: 0

And we're off.

In approximately 11 hours and 660 miles, we will be pulling into Nashville, TN, to spend an evening with Danny Forcella, hands-down the best SID in college athletics, while we do some back ground "research" on the Battle of the Boulevard at whatever local watering hole Mr. Forcella decides to take us too.

Not a bad way to kick off what should be the most memorable three weeks of our life.

That said, the process could have gone a bit smoother. You see, we know we are going to be spending hours upon hours (upon hours and hours and hours) in a car during this trip, and seeing as we live our lives entirely through the internet, we needed to figure out a way that we could get online while on the road. The answer? Buy a mobile WIFI device and get an inverter that would turn the cigarette lighter into an outlet.

We did.

And then we lost the inverter.

Its mind-boggling trying to figure what happened to this thing. I saw it four days ago. Troy saw it on Tuesday. Today, it was no where to be found. We literally tore BIAH HQ apart looking for it. Then we tore apart BIAH Mobile HQ. Then we tore apart Troy's parents house.


Frankly, that is the singular most frustrating thing in the world: being unable to find something when you haven't lost it, you just don't remember where you put it. Luckily, those kind of inverters only only cost about thirty bucks at Radio Shack, and our radio shack just so happens to be located next to a Starbucks. So after one final pre-road trip stop to pick up coffee, breakfast and a goddamn inverter, we set out on the road.


We've already told you our schedule for this trip, now here is what you can expect from us coverage wise:

- From each game that we attend, you can expect at least two stories. Some we will try to get three or four out of, depending on the situation and the locale. Some of them will be for BIAH and some if it will be exclusive for Whatever the case, you can count on oppressively thorough coverage from every game we attend.

- As much confidence as I have in the coverage we will have of every game, I am more excited about the BIAH Diary we will be publishing. The goal is to get at least two up every day, chronicling our stories from the road. We will hold nothing back. Every ridiculous thing that happens, we will be sure to share it with you. And if you know us, you know we are both idiots, which means that there is going to be plenty of ridiculous happenings.

- We are still a national site, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that we still provide the kind of coverage you expect from BIAH. We have internet access in the car. Half of the days that we are on the road, we will be in front of a TV watching games just like the rest of you. There will be more on this site than just #BIAHRoadTrip coverage.

- TWITTER!!! Follow us: @ballinisahabit and @biahtroymachir. Throughout the trip, we will be tweeting out pictures and videos and, frankly, looking for something to take our minds off the fact that we will be cooped up in a car for hours upon hours (upon hours and hours and hours). Interact with us. If we're in your city, tell us where to go. If we're at a game you're at, tell us. We'll come say hello. We're friendly.


That's all for now. We'll be checking in with ya'll this evening from Nashville, TN.



Justin said...

Nice Nationals bag!

BIAH au pair said...

I'll be sure to post a pic of Izzy next to the inverter I'm certain she hid as soon as I get to your guys' place tonight!

Rip said...

Hey I found your inverter!

Just kidding.