Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome to the #NCAABar

We had some fun last night.

John Infante of the By Law Blog started the hashtag #ncaabar, I joined in on the fun and pretty the next two hours of my life were consumed with it. We even got it trending in the United States at one point.

What choice did we have than to go and pick through some of the best tweets?

Come by and have a drink at the #ncaabar with me. I got the first round:

@juiceb0x34 #ncaabar where they don't pay the help

@ballinisahabit "The Kelvin Sampson" When you blow your chance with a girl by calling her too many times the day after you get her number

@abrahams_son "The Bobby Gonzalez"-When you get kicked out of the bar for behaving like an ass, then try to steal the dart board.

@ballinisahabit "The Kenpom" When you use facial symmetry software on your iPhone to prove that a girl is, in fact, really hot

@audacityofhoops "The Rick Barnes" Always landing the hottest dates but losing them after having no plan for the night (oh, I needed a reservation?)

@cheepicus Tempo Free Stats - Telling people you're a stud even though you rarely score.

@casualhoya 'The Syracuse', an orange drink served each November thru December in New York State and New York State only.

@ecoastbias No one knows how the 'Stephen Curry' is still dancing after all those shots. His wingmen are quiet but effective

@jmverlin The Bill Raftery--take any drink, add onions

@andyglockner "The Billy Packer": The bar oldtimer who bitches anytime someone other than the bar's 20 regulars comes in and stays.

@tylerdawgden "Vacated win" - the really hot person you thought was going home with you, but just wanted a ride.

@doublegfor3 'brad stevens' the guy who's good looking enough to get any girl n the #ncaabar but stays true to his high school sweetheart

@ballinisahabit "The Vanderbilt" Hitting on a girl all night before blowing it at closing time by forgetting what her name is

@kpelton "Negative recruiting": When a guy goes to the bathroom, you tell the girl he's been talking to he gets around.

@ballinisahabit "The bubble" The girls swarming around the bouncer that may not be hot enough to get in without waiting in line

@juiceb0x34 "butler" is the white boy at the #ncaabar who can dance

@ballinisahabit "The Renardo Sidney" The guy you never want to go out with because he always starts fights with his friends at the #ncaabar

@johnezekowitz "The Michigan State" Spitting your best game at the end of the night, right before closing time.

@juiceb0x34 "Bruce pearl" the guy who tell ur girl what happend at the #ncaabar

@juiceb0x34 #ncaabar where they don't pay the help

@scottiek3 "The Boeheim" At first you vouch for your buddy to get him in the #NCAAbar then he acts a fool and you feel like a dumbass for reppin him

@tmbtx The "Aaron Craft" - really bad Karaoke singer

@jonlustig Virginia Tech: Your pal who just never ends up making it to the dance floor at the #NCAAbar

@danielJMartin_ "The Bobby Knight" Shot fake.

@covello5 "The Chris Webber" - ordering another drink when you have no money left

@ballinisahabit "The Butler" The ugly guy that always pulls dimes because of his personality

@ecoastbias The 'DePaul': that one drink too many

@mburrill The "Gus Johnson" - the friend that keeps you at the #ncaabar til the end...and gets you a drink after last call

@btcoop71 "The Jeff Goodman" When one guy is at a great bar with lots of hot girls, yet bitches about his seat at the bar

@mikeboch "The MAC" Where the girls aren't that hot, but you're guaranteed to score.

@ballinisahabit "The John Calipari" Blacking out, because everyone remembers what happened, but its been vacated from your memory

@dandorrington the "Ed Hightower- announcing to the bar your drinking prowess after slamming a smirnoff ice.

@ecoastbias The 'Pittsburgh': talks a big game, always too drunk to function when the bar gets crowded.

@dalydoseofhoops The "Jay Wright" - Always the best dressed at the #ncaabar

@cheebicus Advanced stats: convincing yourself that ALMOST picking up a girl is nearly the same thing

@ftballnbrckts The Diaper Dandy - The girl you just KNOW got in with a fake ID

And, of course, the winner, from @andyglockner "The Trizzle" -- the guy who's jealous of the bartender who pulls better talent than he does

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