Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

Now I remember why having Christmas on a Sunday absolutely blows. What are we like, three days removed from the Holiday and yet everybody is already back at work. Since I'm still in full-blown vacation-mode, I'm only giving you the bare minimum with today's dump. But don't worry, I'll make up for it in other ways.

- Luke Winn takes a look back at the best hoops stories of 2011

- Jeff Eisenberg gives us a breakdown of the best hoops moments of 2011

- Billy Edelin wants to know what the 2011 play of the year was? (Me personally? "COLD-BLOODED". But "Cardiac Kemba" is also a solid choice)

- An awesome-read on the transfer effect in the Big-XII

Art Chandler, who for 40 years served as the voice of Cameron Indoor Stadium, passed away on Christmas day at the age of 78

- If you are into hipster music, the hipster lifestyle, advanced statistics, and well, general nerd-like activities, this is probably right up your alley

- Despite a couple of recent transfers, Virginia head coach Tony Bennett doesn't seem fazed. But maybe he should be just a bit concerned

- Jamal Wilson, the leading scorer for Rhode Island, has been dismissed from the program

- Illinois guard Crandall Head (brother of former Illini Luther) is going to transfer out of Champagne

- Kansas' Ben McLemore has had his court date postponed

- I'm pretty sure none of us expected Pitt to be this bad this early in the season. But after back-to-back losses to Wagner and Notre Dame, well, here they are

- There is no way you can defend Nate Lubick's play as of late. He sucks. (Sorry, gotta get some blatant Georgetown Homerism in here somewhere)

- I will never turn down the opportunity to link to an article with a Carl Winslow reference

- I'd certainly be interested in acquiring one of these. After all, "Free Enes" was SO last year

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