Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

- Why am I just finding out now that Gus Johnson does his own Power Rankings?

- Expansionocalypse is back, and it's taking over the Big East. Here's what the Big East should have done

- There's not a writer in the country who's better at profile pieces than Dana O'Neil. There's not a college basketball playe rin the country who is more exemplary than Kim English. Read Dana on Kim

- Dave Zirin rips Sports Illustrated for chosing Coach-K as their "Sportsman of the Year"

- Andy Glockner has some concerns with Florida's radical offensive revamp. Matt Norlander chimes in on Florida's guard-heavy lineup

- UNC's P.J Hairston already has a bum wrist. Now he has a bum ankle. But the Tar Heels did show toughness and mettle in their bounce-back win against Evansville

- Arizona freshman Josiah Turner has been suspended yet again, bring his total up to three times in two months

- But not to be outdone, Reeves Nelson tallied his third suspension of the season. Seriously, Ben Howland needs to kick this kid off the team already. An open letter to Howlin' Ben and Josh Smith

- Former Ohio State guard Brent Darby died yesterday at the age of 30

- I'm glad somebody finally wrote about Nevada's unnecessary court-storming

- Pittsburgh won their six straight game last night since losing to Long Beach State at home. But what affect will Tray Woodall's injury have on the team down the road

- Indiana Univeristy police won't allow students to camp out in advance to the Kentucky game on Saturday

- The Mikan Drill details Mouphtaoyu Yarou's struggles with both sides of the pick-and-roll

- A pretty solid recap of all the recent action in the MAAC

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