Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Morning Dump

- The Missouri Valley Conference is going to get more NCAA tournament bids than the Pac-12. I know that's not saying much, but still, this league is really good

- Now this is an expansionocalypse idea I might be able to get behind

- You'd be wise to read this interview with BYU's Matt Carlino. The dude is a stud

- The UConn administration is taking a proactive approach to revising policy on abuse claims

- A good-read on the job Frank Haith is doing in re-stocking his current graduating classes

- Screengrab breakdowns have become all the rage amongst bloggers and other internet hoop-heads. Personally, I think they're stupid. My microscopic attention-span cannot handle them. If you want to diagram something for me, use a god-damn chalkboard. Matt Norlander tried his best to poke fun at this trend, and well, he was about as successful as the trend itself. Maybe it's my fault for not finding it funny. I was at a car repair shop when I read it, and posts like these don't read well on the Iphone. It took me five minutes to get half-way through it, and by that point, I was more frustrated than I was amused. But then Searching for Billy Edelin attempted to break down the breakdowns, and well, nothing was really accomplished. See, jokes about real things can be funny, but jokes about jokes about real things are never funny. I like the spunk, enthusiasm and panache, but let's not make this a trend or anything, OK? Great.

- The Pac-12 tournament needs to move to Las Vegas. I mean, can anyone give a me a reason as to why it shouldn't be played there? Yeah, didn't think so

- Speaking of the Pac-12, if you were thinking that statistics might help you rationalize that the Pac-12 isn't that bad, well, you thought wrong. Stats don't lie. The Pac-12 sucks

- Indiana sophomore Will Sheehey suffered a lower leg injury during practice yesterday and will miss the Hoosiers game against UMBC. Elston Turner has a broken nose and he too will miss the UMBC game

- When the Oakland Grizzlies are hitting their shots, they are a tough out. The Summit League race is going to be very interesting this season, as Oakland, Oral Roberts and South Dakota State have provided some strong showings during non-conference play

- If Towson loses their next game, they will have gone all of 2011 without a win

- I know you probably don't pay attention to MAC basketball, but if you were to do so, you should keep a close eye on Ohio. The Bobcats are legit

- The NYC Power Poll is the only poll in America that features Seton Hall with a No.1 next to the name

- I've been waiting for a Xavier person to ask this question since the Crosstown donnybrook cleared up, and well, since the X-men got drubbed by Oral Roberts at home.

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Anonymous said...

The theory of the Basketball superconference sounds better than what will actually happen. As the VUhoops link claims that Villanova isn't going to join up. I don't think Georgetown would be too interested either.

If they didn't get St. John's what would they have? That could end up being a seriously mediocre league.