Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Morning Dump

- Luke Winn provides his list of breakout seniors. Seth Davis covers the breakout juniors squad

- USA Today's Campus Rivalry opens up the college hoops mailbag and answers all your timely questions. ESPN's Eamonn Brennan does the same

- If the Pac-12 Network can offer what it says it's going to offer, it may in fact change your life

- UCLA big-man Travis Wear didn't play last night against Eastern Washington because of a skin infection on his foot. You may remember that Wear cut open his foot on a snorkeling trip while in Hawaii for the Maui Invitational

- The guys at CBS drafted up their dream teams for this season. But seriously guys, don't ever use head shots ever again. There is a reason you all work in text-based media

- Charles Carmouche will be back to action for Memphis this weekend after serving a ridiculously-stupid four-game suspension

- I think the addition of San Diego State to the Big West will do wonders for the low-major conference. Andy Katz provides some historical context as to why this it just might

- No charges will be filled in the Crosstown Shootout brawl

- An excellent-read on the current state of the UNC-Greensboro coaching position. As you may remember, Mike Dement recently resigned as Spartans head coach, and the fan base has a lot of questions

- It's probably around the time you should starting looking at your Big East checklist

- Mic Cronin's words are starting to grow thin on me. Teddy Roosevelt is famous for quote about speaking softly but carrying a big stick. Cronin is doing the exact opposite

- You probably don't know too much about Vermont's Luke Apfield. But after having three ACL injuries, he hasn't exactly had the time to get your attention on the court

- I understand that a coach should stick up for his players. But when a point guard commits turnovers at an excessive rate, such as Kansas' Tyshawn Taylor, I don't see how a coach can justify it

- Brian Mull provides a nice tidbit on the most freshman-reliant teams in the country

- A brief look at the statistical leaders in the Big East

- Dave Ryan provides a great-read on why he thinks the suspension system in college basketball needs to be radically modified

- Washington seven-foot center Aziz N'Diaye will miss 2-3 games due to a knee sprain but is hoping to be ready in time for Pac-12 play

- Utah State students provide evidence to support their case as the best student section in the country

- Wow, Harrison Barnes' draft stock is slipping? Staying in school was foolish they'll say. He's losing first-round money they'll say (Have you ever been to college? it's one helluva good time)

- Kwamaine Mitchell has been the real difference-maker for the St. Louis Billikens this season

- Way to go Indiana. Your passion-filled enthusiasm caused a Playboy Playmate to get injured

- Just as there was a petition to get the NCAA to allow the $2,000 stipend for student-athletes, there is a petition to ban the $2,000 stipend

Why do schools always insist on doing stuff like this?

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