Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Morning Dump

- Make sure you all vote for the B.I.A.H "2011 Best-Of Awards, Part-I"

- This is the read-of-the-day, read-of-the-month, and possibly the read-of-the-year. Twitter is going to take over the world, and you should embrace it. It would benefit you to embrace it

- Seth Davis gives us his ten college hoops predictions for 2011

- Jeff Eisenberg provides a solid-read on the history of the Louisville/UK rivalry game

- Apparently, former-Pitt freshman Khem Birch is considering literally EVERY school in the country: Gonzaga, Xavier, New Mexico State, and maybe even Missouri

- Mike DeCourcy fills us in on some of the stories to watch for in 2012

- Could this Pac-12/Big-Ten deal signal the end of the superconference idea. Seriously, they might even print their own money

- Does Harvard even actually have to play Ivy League competition this year? Since they don't have a tournament, and no league team will be able to run with them, can we just go a head and award the Crimson the automatic-bid?

- UConn got a $4.3-million practice facility for Christmas

- It certainly looks like an issue is abrewing at Washington State over Faisal Aiden's ball-hoggery

- Jason Lisk "Goes HAM" on the conference-play previews

- Miami is going to give back $83-thousand of Nevin Shapiro's dirty money

- Injured-Temple wing Scottie Randall is heavily considering taking a redshirt

- Jeff Borzello updates his Freshman of the Year rankings

- Matt Norlander continues on his quest to become a GrandMaster Statistician; Explains why scoring is down this year

- Wait, what? Iona lost to Hofstra last night? I'll have to read it to believe it

- Student-athlete? How about "Athlete-Athlete"? That's what South Carolina's Bruce Ellington is

- Rush the Court's "It's a Love/Hate Relationship" is a weekly must-read

- Mark Jackson Jr., the son of.. you guessed it, Mark Jackson, has decided to transfer out of Louisville

- Auburn might not be great this year. Hell, they might not even be that good. But one thing is for sure: They are much better then they were last year

- UConn Associate Head Coach Geogre Blaney gets the "Frank Martin yearbook photo" treatment

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