Friday, December 2, 2011

Bettin' is a Habit - Friday 12/2

The college hoops season is in full effect. We here at Ballin' is a Habit pride ourselves as hoops experts, so what better way to prove ourselves then by providing you with some knowledge to help you earn some cash.

If you really want to test your luck against our college hoops knowledge, head on over to, and register to compete in their daily fantasy college basketball leagues. We have been running daily games, and the intensity is starting to pick up. Our league name will always be "Ballinisahabit". We have leagues set up for the next three days, so head on over to and join

I've taken two weeks off from picking game, but I think today is the perfect time to get back in the mix. Why? I have no clue, but I needed something to lead off the paragraph and that worked.

Anyways, after the jump, some picks for the weekend's slate of games

Bettin' is a Habit - Friday 12/2

7:00PM - Iona (4-1) at Canisius (1-3)

Scott Machado is the best point guard in the country that we don;t talk about. Michael "Optimus Prime" Glover is a scoring-machine, and the Iona Gaels are legitimately good. No, not like "mid-major" good. I'm talking legit top-25 good for the entire season. I'm so high on this team, I should probably have a doctor's note or something. I know very little about the Golden Griffins squad this season. But that doesn't matter, because Iona is going to win big.

Pick: Iona -14

9:00PM - Vanderbilt (5-2) at Louisville (6-0)

If Vanderbilt is playing, you know you're in for a close game with an exciting finish. I have to imagine that Vanderbilt will lose yet another close game, probably due to late-game execution. But as always, I think it's going to be close, with-in two possessions.

Pick: Vanderbilt +8

12:00PM - North Carolina (6-1) at Kentucky (7-0)

This is college basketball's version of "Game of the Century". Both teams feature some of the longest front-courts in the country. Kentucky logged a program-record 18-blocks in their win over St. John's on Thursday. Kentucky has been playing great defense as of late, and if Carolina can't run the floor with success, it could be a long day for the Tar Heels.

Pick: Under 151

1:00PM - UMass (6-2) at Miami (4-2)

UMass has been a pleasant surprise this season. They rank in the top-50 in rebounding and assists, and the top-6o in points. At 6-2, they look like one of the better teams in the Atlantic-10, and that is not something I would have said two months ago. Miami on the other hand, has lost two in a row and is struggling to put the ball in the basket. The team is shooting just 39% from the field and struggled to put away low-major squads like Florida-Gulf Coast and North Florida.

Pick: UMass +7.5

3:15PM - Gonzaga (5-0) at Illinois (7-0)

Don't let Illinois' undefeated record fool you. This team is not as good as Gonzaga. I'm rather puzzled as to why they are even considered slight favorites. Sure, Assembly Hall is a tough place to play, but I really don't think they have to talent to run with the Zags, even at home.

Pick: Gonzaga +2

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KH said...

Gonzaga +2. That's what we call a trap.