Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

I'm pinch-hitting for Troy today. He's out with flu-like symptoms.

- Luke Winn's Power Rankings are back with a vengeance.

- What's John Calipari without the hype

- You a UNC fan? Cool. Check out this and this. Even if you're not, go read those. Informative breakdowns.

- Chris Herren helped Erik Murphy this summer

- A congressman compared the NCAA to the mafia

- Jeff Goodman put together a good column on Michigan State

- Seth Davis on VCU

- Jeff Borzello's top freshmen

- Randy McClure gives a good breakdown of the two-and-through rule

- Team Rankings. Returning production. Boom.

- Duquesne just got bigger

- David Steele on Michael Beasley's lawsuit

- Mike DeCourcy worked double duty: on this season without the NBA, and on Iona

- Love these Draft Express prospect profiles

- More charity games

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Anonymous said...

They say most Coaches either spend their press conferences talking up their teams or talking them down. Coach Cal does both. He confuses me. Remember when the John Wall team was undefeated in January and Cal insisted they were, like, 10 and 8 or something.