Monday, November 14, 2011

Vermont lost to USF because the Bulls didn't have replay monitors?

Over the weekend, Butler lost a fairly controversial game to Evansville.

Andrew Smith scored on a length-of-the-court pass that would have won the game in regulation, but officials ruled that the shot had happened after the buzzer. Butler went on to lose in overtime. The refs were able to go back to the video feed from the game to review the shot, but one thing you'll notice missing when you look at screen-grabs of the shot is that the square on the back board didn't light up when time expired.

Did I mention this game was played at Evansville, where the Purple Aces were debuting a brand new arena? Why didn't the back board light up? Could it have changed the officials view of the play?

That wasn't the only controversial ending to a game this weekend.

Vermont traveled down to South Florida on Friday, but found themselves trailing 61-59 with 4.3 seconds left on the clock. Four McGlynn drove to the bucket, but he missed the layup. Luckily, Matt Glass was there for the tip-in. Overtime, right?


South Florida's in the midst of getting a new arena, which means that they are playing their home game at the University of Tampa, a D-II school. What that means is that there were no cameras at this game. So when the refs decided to wave off the game-tying bucket, they didn't have any video to go back and review. And, according to Vermont's play-by-play announcer who somehow managed to see a replay after the game (no video, eh?), that lack of a review cost UVM the game.

"Ball was through the net when the light went off and the horn sounded…game should have been tied at 61 going to OT," Chris Villiani wrote on twitter.

I'm going to take this time to remind you that South Florida plays in the the Big East, but there was no video of the game? No online stream? No assistant coaches gathering film? No parents in the stands recording? Nothing?

The ironic part is that apparently the America East is better prepared for situations like this than the Big East is. Sean Tainsh, the director of communications for the league, said that replay monitors are required at all home games.

The video of the ending was put on the South Florida website in the highlights of the game. If you have video, please email us at or send me a tweet @ballinisahabit.

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