Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Twitter memes are awesome: PSU Riot Edition

The following post has almost nothing to do with college basketball. However, there was no college hoops on last night, and we are kinda-sorta addicted to Twitter.

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock for the past four days, you know what is going on at Penn State. Last night, students rallied together and rioted down Old Main. Not too long after the riots began, a hilarious twitter meme took off. One that, if you have 5-10 minutes to spare, you may enjoy catching up on. After the jump, a list of what other school's would do if they were forced to riot.

(NOTE: Listen, the actions at the forefront of this controversy are down-right disgusting. But we aren't here to discuss or debate that. We just want to shed light on a hilarious twitter trend that consumed our Tuesday night)

@ballinisahabit - Louisville's riot would be over in 15 seconds

@ballinisahabit - Coach Cal would lead a "rioter's first" riot only to see the riot vacated due to using ineligible chanting

@JamesonFleming - A Bobby Gonzalez lead riot would raid Nordstroms for their satchels

@JamesonFleming - Reggie Bush would steal a bunch of stuff during his riot, promise to give it back and then hold onto it

@SenatorGiggity - USC had to vacate it's riots from last year

@TomahawkNation - Iowa would riot... FOR AMERICA

@Marmon4270 - Nebraska would get jealous of Texas's riot and move to another block.

@PJASchultz - Syracuse fans would only riot inside

@Mengus22 - Without Gerry McNamara, Syracuse wouldn't have had ten f*****g riots. Not ten

@Mengus22 - Illinois rioters would go for two

@Mengus22 - Ole Miss has the hottest rioters

@Mengus22 - Texas A&M's riot would be really good...for a half

@Mengus22 - Baylor's riot would sue Texas A&M's riot

@Mengus22 - Boston College would sell tickets to its riot on Groupon

@MartinRickman - BC's riot wouldn't get any coverage in the Boston area anyway.

@MartinRickman - Not even a clearance sale at J Crew could save UVA from rioting

@MartinRickman - Miami's riot was a lot more impressive when there were still strippers and bounties involved

@RaphielleJ - Major outlets would declare Florida State and Miami's riots "back" every year...only to watch it fall apart after two blocks

@RaphielleJ - Texas would televise their riot on a special network...that almost no one owned

@FakeGimel - Hawaii will travel anywhere to riot and be respected.

@FakeGimel - Everybody would be ultra impressed w/ Boise State's riot at first, then discount it a few months later

@Kristaj19 - Boise State's riot wouldn't impress the computers

@Patherrants - Toledo would petition for Syracuse to vacate their riot

@Adam_1224 - Cincinnati's riot would only be to show they can riot like Ohio State, UK and Louisville

@Ncaabbguy - Best riot in the country undoubtedly would be basically any Ivy league school. Preferably Harvard, or Yale

@Joelabarker - Bruce Pearl would deny the riot took place at his house.

@Riles23 - Purdue's riot would end in torn ACLs

@CJDyal - Houston Nutt would invite way more people to the riot than they have room for, them tell some of them to go home

@KilroyFSU - UAB would have rioted, but Alabama's board of trustees wouldn't sign off on the proposal.

@TommyCat1225 - Oregon would pay a Texas rioting service to handle their riot.

@NunesMagician - A Georgetown riot would require Syracuse rioters to show up in order to look bigger

@NunesMagician - A UConn riot would take place in Best Buy and all the laptops would go missing

@MorseCode206 - Northwestern's riot would just steal everything from Nebraska's riot

@HLS_PootND - Notre Dame riots just discuss how the riots from the glory days were so much better

@HLS_PootND - Randy Edsall left UConn's riot stating that Maryland was truly his Dream Riot

@BCfremeau - Notre Dame is monitoring the super riot landscape but prefers to riot independently

@stb3rry - Rutgers would claim Occupy Wall Street is part of their riot.

@McshaneM - Jim Tressel knew about Ohio State's riot months ago

@Coach_Kerri - The Mizzou riot would be scheduled, then reconsidered, rescheduled, and reconsidered again

@tarheelfanblog - I am not sure how NC State is supposed to get quality rioters with UNC and Duke close by

@GeorgeK10 - USF's president is blocking UCF's riot

@900_Irving - Kansas' riot would look dominant before abruptly ending way too early in embarrassing fashion

@Frogkaytee - SMU would have to buy its riot

@JPGuerette - Seton Hall would have rioters, but no one would have a damn clue who they are

@FeatheStache - East carolina wouldn't get invited to riot

@BIAHTroyMachir - DePaul's riot would be #DePaulful

@CharlieToft - he BYU riot would begin, spend 2 years in Belize, and then pick up where it left off

@USFVoodoo5 - The Mountain West would step in so Boise State could not wear blue uniforms to their home riots.

@SenatorGiggity - ESPN picks who get's to riot & who doesn't

@MikeVorkunov - Penn State riot > Tebow


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