Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Morning Dump

We are smack-dab in the middle o ESPN's Marathon Madness. I'll keep the dump light so you can get back to watching hoops.

- So it turns out that Vermont got robbed after all, and there's video footage to prove it

- UCLA forward Reeves Nelson has been suspended because of attitude problems

- The five things you need to know in order to survive 24-straight hours of hoops

- The NCAA has cleared Louisville freshman Kevin Ware to participate and it could not come at a better time

- St. Bonaventure's forward Marquise Simmons is done for the season thanks to an ACL injury

- Gonzaga freshman Kevin Pangos hit nine treys last night against Washington State

- So Stacey Poole is transferring out of Kentucky after all

- Two Western Kentucky players have been ruled ineligible to participate for the first six games

- Columbia is not that good to begin with, and now they've lost their best player to injury

- Some likes and dislikes from the Gonzaga/Washington State game

- Robert Upshaw is heading to Kansas State

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