Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bettin' is a Habit - Tuesday 11/15

The college hoops season is in full effect. We here at Ballin' is a Habit pride ourselves as hoops experts, so what better way to prove ourselves then by providing you with some knowledge to help you earn some cash.

If you followed this column at all last year, you know that I did a pretty terrible job at picking games. I certainly hope none of you actually put money on the picks I made. But if you want to see if you are better than B.I.A.H, head on over to FanDuel.com, we will be there all year. We have a game set up for Tuesday 11/15. The league name is "ballinisahabit"

Since it's a special Marathon Madness day of college hoops, we will provide you with some knowledge you will need in order to make your Tuesday even better. (This column will revert back to a M/W/F feature starting next week).

Through two days of "picking" games, I'm 4-2. So at this point, you have to imagine I am trustworthy. After the jump, have a gander at the picks that are sure to make (and lose) you some money

Bettin' is a Habit - Tuesday 11/15

6:05PM - Florida International (1-0) at Virginia Tech (2-0)
We've warned you to watch out for Virginia Tech this season. Well, take it in stride. This won't be a tournament team, but they will be on the bubble, which is something that a lot of people don't even think is possible for a team that is ALWAYS on the bubble. But Florida International just beat a decent George Mason team in overtime. This pick might be a stretch because FIU had to play some extra minutes, but don't expect Virginia Tech to win in a blow out.

Pick: Florida International +19

7:00PM - South Carolina (1-0) at Elon (0-1)
This is a game that you will want to avoid watching at all costs. Both these teams are remarkably bad. But from a betting standpoint, you might want to make on play on it. Neither team is particularly adept at scoring, so taking the under would be a good play. Plus, South Carolina is only favored by five points, which is way low considering how bad Elon is. This is a game you should make a play on.

Pick: Under 145.5

8:05PM - Saint Louis (1-0) at Southern Illinois (0-1)
Saint Louis is going to be a top-4 team in the Atlantic-10 this season. Plus they are coming off a season-opening seal-clubbing of Tennessee State 71-37. On the flip side, Southern Illinois is not good at all. They started their season off in the worst way possible, a loss to a non-DI program (Ohio Dominican). This game is not going to be close at all.

Pick: Saint Louis -6.5

9:00PM - Utah State (1-0) at Weber State (1-0)
This could end up being the game of the day. If this was being played at The Spectrum, I'd pick the Aggies in a heartbeat, and even though USU has to go on the road, I was really impressed with the way they played against BYU. Again, that game was at The Spectrum, which is the best home-court advantage in the country, and I know Weber State has Damian Lillard, but I like Utah State to come away with the win. If you are feeling risky, or just delirious from 24-straight hours of hoops, you might want to make a play on this game.  But regardless of the pick, you should all find a a way to watch this one. the match up between Damian Lillard and Brockeith Pane is going to be fabulous.

Pick: Utah State +1.5

10:00PM - Austin Peay (0-1) at California (2-0)
Cal is good. Like, really good. They are, and will be the best team in the Pac-12. Austin Peay just lost to Middle Tennessee. Even if Cal was favored by 25, I'd probably still take them. Since they are only favored by 12.5, you have to lay down all of your life-savings on this one. This is an absolute stone-cold lead-pipe lock.

Pick: California -12.5

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