Thursday, November 10, 2011

Charlotte's 4.9 cypher is "last name Major"

We aren't strangers to college hoopers trying their luck with hip-hop around these parts.

Tennessee Swiperboy, aka Renaldo Wooldridge, is a favorite at BIAH HQ. Myck Kabongo has an "album" coming out this spring. Jimmer Fredette's brother was afraid to use his last name to try and launch his rap career, although this performance at Dyckman Park wasn't well-recepted. And of course, who can forget, Lil' Romeo.

We have a new group to add to that list: Charlotte duo DG, aka Derrio Green, and @mamba_00, aka Javarris Barnett:

That cypher is from Charlotte's Midnight Madness. And, frankly, its not horrific. I actually thought there were some solid lines in there, and I legitimately laughed out loud when Barnett said "let me take off the sunglasses" and flipped his glasses up. Green clearly needs to work on his flow while Barnett is not exactly a wordsmith -- and his ad-libs are pretty annoying -- but I liked it.

"Niners final record. Thir-tee-Oh."

Word. That ish kray. We outchea.

And if you're wondering, the white guy "hosting" the cypher is Colby Lewis, the older brother of Tyler, a top 100 point guard in the Class of 2012 that's headed to NC State.

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