Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

- I hope to God the NCAA doesn't do this. If you're good enough at what you do, you'll make your bread soon enough. And no, the "student-athletes" don't have a point. I'm usually pro-"student-athletes", but this is just crap. Seriously, I could go on for ages. #OccupyGraduation

- Jeff Goodman dropped a fantastic list of scrimmages being held "behind closed doors"

- Oral Roberts shocks the expansionocalypse world; will leave the Summit and descend to the Southland

- So when exactly is Temple going to join the Big East? It's like the one move that actually makes sense!

- If West Virginia does in fact join the Big-XII, Kansas State head coach Frank Martin will welcome them with open arms. A Huggins/Martins match-up between K-State and West Virginia would be very entertaining. But from a Big-XII basketball standpoint, is Missouri or West Virginia a better program?

- High-profile Providence freshman Kiwi Gardner has been declared ineligible by the NCAA due to issues involving his high school transcript

- In case you weren't aware, expansionocalypse is going to affect college basketball

- After finishing last in the Big East APR standings, UConn is starting to show improvements in the classroom. A new NCAA rule could have possibly threatened UConn's chances to defend their NCAA Championship, but the new rule won't go into affect until '12-'13. The rule in question would have barred schools with under-achieving APR scores from competing in the NCAA tournament

- Run The Floor tells us what five under-the-radar games we should watch for in November featuring ACC teams

Apparently the Big South is trying to get a law passed that would allow schools to start practices 40 days prior to the current "Midnight Madness" date

- Rush The Court ponders this question: What is the most-overrated team in the country?

- Washington's alumni game has been nixed due to silly NCAA rules and regulations

- Jeff Goodman provides some thoughts on his preseason road-trip to Duke

- Who cares if only 50 students showed up to purchase season tickets at the Palestra? Tradition is tradition

- Siena just can't seem to catch a break. Two players are out due to eligibility issues and two others are out with injuries. You can now make it three as guard Rakeem Brookins will be out for a while with a back injury

- Rutgers head coach Mike Rice believes the Scarlet Knights will eventually win the Big East

- It should be interesting to see what Jeff Bzdelik is able to get out of a depleted Wake Forest roster in year number two

- Boy, would I hate to be a player for Winthrop right now. Due to numerous disciplinary issues with his players, head coach Randy Peele is putting a curfew into effect

- Highly-touted recruit Dajuan Coleman committed to Syracuse yesterday, and his family played a big role in his decision

- Is this finally the year Virginia finally makes it back to the NCAA tournament?

- Predictions and projections for the UCLA Bruins in 2011-2012. Speaking of UCLA, fans are pretty fed up with the way the Bruins Athletic Department is handling things right now

- California's Allen Crabbe is in for a huge season, right?

- Arizona freshman Josiah Turner isn't concerned with the "ridiculous" expectations being set for him

- Austin Peay is the coaches and media pick to win the Ohio Valley Conference

- A nice Tar Heel-centric breakdown of CBS' top-100 list

- A solid breakdown of the five best point guards in the Atlantic-10

- A positional preview of Vanderbilt's shooting guards

- A positional preview of Wisconsin's front court

- Take a gander at a solid breakdown of North Carolina State's non-conference schedule. Speaking of NC-State, here's assistant coach Bobby Lutz's blog diary for College Chalk Talk

- Another solid Summit League preview, brought to you by the great IUPUI blog "Students on Sports"

- Gidal Kaiser goes at-length to make his predictions for the Big Sky Conference

- Picking and grinning at the Boston College schedule

- A solid breakdown of eligible transfers in the Summit League for the 2011-2012 season

- Rush The Court provides a list of SEC guys who didn't make preseason teams, but could end up making postseason ones

- There are three non-conference games that could be make-or-break for the Georgia Bulldogs

- So, apparently yesterday was Bob Knight's birthday


Anonymous said...

It's Josiah Turner, not Isaiah.

Kyle said...

Goodman forgot the Kentucky vs. NBA scrimmages