Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

- Rush the Court hands out "The Best of" for the Wooden Award watch-list

- Speaking of RTC, they are starting up one of my favorite features again: The #30 things we love about college hoops

- Some say this will be Roy Williams' best team ever. others, not so much. Speaking of RTC and the ACC, is Duke's non-con schedule hard or easy?

- Missouri forward Laurence Bowers tore his ACl during a pick-up game yesterday. Speaking of Missouri, the school has decided to continue to explore realignment options

- Dana O'Neil provides a fantastic analysis of the non-conference schedules for all the ACC teams. Diamond Leung does the same for the SEC. Andy Katz got stuck with Conference-USA

- In case you missed it, I got to interview Jay Bilas on Monday. It was pretty awesome

- According to John Calipari, Louisville isn't part of Kentucky

- Andy Katz can't wait for the Champions Classic

- It seems as though some people are not too happy with Detroit's recent infusion of talent

- This is probably the best thing to happen as a result of the NBA lockout

- This was the year Loyola-Marymount got back to the upper-echelon of the WCC. Or at least it was supposed to be until a swarm of injury bugs attacked the program

- Former-Maryland star Len Bias will be inducted into the Washington Metropolitan Basketball Hall of Fame

- Take a quick gander at this post and I think you'll understand why I linked to it

- Anderson University (DII) player Lamar Jack died yesterday after completing a preseason workout on campus

- Not sure how I missed this from last week: The myth that Butler doesn't get any star players

- The Kentucky villains have found themselves a head coach

- If there is a NBA Draft in June, these are the power forwards who are most likely to get drafted

- Juwan Howard Jr. will transfer from Western Michigan to Detroit

- Jared Sina has decided to re-open his recruitment after making a non-binding commitment to Alabama in January

- Xavier Commit Jalen Reynolds is using time at prep school to stay focused on getting better

- IUPUI got themselves an all-namer

- BracketBusters will feature a heavy dose of Big Sky teams this season

- A look at the early portion of Michigan's 2011-2012 schedule

- This is exactly why you shouldn't hire Tone Loc as your Midnight Madness musical guest

- An in-depth breakdown of Vanderbilt's projected depth chart

- Seton Hall got a new mascot....sorta

Former-Kentucky star Walter McCarthy made a music video. I have absolutely no reason why

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