Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Morning Dump

- Must-Read-Scandal-alert: Michael Beasley is claiming he received improper benefits in order to save himself from paying thousand to an agent

- Mike DeCourcy is right, the time is now for the Big East to scoop up Memphis

- UNC and MSU will rock camouflage uniforms for their Carrier Classic showdown

- Your second must-read-of-the-day comes from ESPN recruiting guru Dave Telep who provides a look inside the world of dirty recruiting (If you're not a ESPN Insider, you can go to The Big Lead, who did some of the heavy lifting for us)

- Burnt Orange Nation provides an excellent read on the change in Texas' pace-of-play using tempo-free statistics and other stuff I can't understand because I struggled with rudimentary algebra

- John Calipari hasn't seen a player in the country that's better than Terrence Jones, and the forward's hard work during the off-season is going to make him even better

- You want to talk about a rebuilding process, have a look at what's going on at Georgia Tech

- Murphy Holloway has been cleared by the SEC to play for Ole Miss this season. You remember Holloway right? He transferred out of Ole Miss in order to be closer to his daughter. But Ole Miss tried to prevent him from transferring to South Carolina. Well After sitting out a year at South Carolina, Holloway is back at Ole Miss.

- A breakdown of the star-studded freshman in the DC-Metro area

- The LIU/St. Francis rivalry is about to hit the big times. the second leg of the conference head-to-head games will take place at Madison Square Garden. A fantastic preview on the St. Francis Terriers from a local Brooklyn paper

- According to Jeff Goodman, Nebraska coach Doc Sadler will lead his best Nebraska team ever into their inaugural Big-Ten season

- The top two player on UC-Santa Barbara might have had drastically-different summers, but they were both focused on achieving similar goals

- A solid-read about guys who are going to serve as "replacements" for former-stars

- A preview of the ACC written from Tobacco Road

- A quick breakdown of the top five freshman in the SEC

- I was kinda hoping for more content from ESPN on their preview of the MEAC

- George Mason got some new threads (even though they look eerily similar to last years unis)

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