Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Morning Dump

Ughh..... More Expansionsocalypse.


Why should we believe that these stuffy, old, out-of-touch (predominantly-white) gasbags in-charge know whats best for college sports?

How about we realign their job descriptions.

- Notre Dame is still monitoring the re-alignment landscape

- Missouri is now a free agent, and it looks like they want in the Big-Ten.... Or the SEC. If Missouri leaves the Big-XII, Kansas head coach Bill Self wants to end "The Border War". What exactly are the ramifications of Missouri's departure?

- SEC athletic directors met yesterday to discuss the integration of Texas A&M into the conference

- Louisville remains a candidate to join the Big-XII

- Word on the street is that Syracuse tried to join the ACC in 2003, but Virginia politicians kept them out

- SMU, Navy, Central Florida and Temple are being targeted by the Big East. Temple really wants back in

- Luke Winn hits yet another one out of the park. the Sports Illustrated writer recaps the entire recruiting season. Seriously people, he's the best writer in college basketball, and it's not even close

- I knew there was something bizarre about playing basketball on a boat, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Diamond Leung, thank you

- Just what the AAU hoops scene needs right now.... A wanted criminal

I swear there is no more talk of expansion after the jump

- Glen Logan gathers some web-reactions to John Calipari's ignorant geography lesson

- Diamond Leung did some good work on the couple of programs taking a stance against bullying (B.I.A.H remains steadfast in their "pro-bullying" beliefs.....Sarcasm, folks....Sarcasm)

- Jeff Eisenberg caught up with former-New Mexico star Daniel Faris to get his thoughts on the 2011-2012 Mountain West Conference

- Dana O'Neil provides us with a fantastic profile of Vermont head coach John Becker, who provides some very entertaining quotes. In order for Becker to get his shot at head coaching, former-head coach Mike Lonergan had to get offered his dream job, and he did

- Jason Groves breaks down the top juniors and seniors in the WAC

- There is a difference between a rivalry and "a very good game". The mid-'00s Patriots/Colts series wasn't a rivalry, and neither is the budding UK/UNC series

- The Oregon student section is getting it's own Nike shoe

- The "Brain Trust" over at the WWL continues their great series of non-con breakdowns for entire conferences. Eamonn Brennan tackles the CAA. Dana O'Neil rolls with the Atlantic-10. Andy Katz clearly got first pick, breaks down the Big East

- I guess it's about time to fire up the "This is the year Virginia Tech beats the bubble" chatter

- Speaking of Virginia Tech, here's a great profile on the two men making sure the hokies follow the rule

- Florida redshirt-freshman Cody Larson could end up facing jail time for violating terms of of his suspended sentence

- The Atlantic-10 continues to make changes to it's post-season tournament. Starting in 2013, the first-round home games will be eliminated

- New Mexico-freshman Hugh Greenwood once again proves that Australian is a funny language

- Some excerpts from a pretty-good interview with UNC head coach Roy Williams. Speaking of UNC, sophomore Reggie Bullock says he's back and ready

- I do hate linking to Jeff Borzello, but he does provide a pretty-solid read on Memphis' Will Barton and the example he is setting for future recruits

- A solid Q&A session with all-name all-star Andrew Andrews

- An awesome breakdown of Ric Barnes' flex offense (This post is in mid-season form. Great stuff)

- Florida Atlantic nabbed themselves another recruit

- I won tickets to the Charleston Classic (#TheTruth) so why not provide you with a preseason tournament primer

- According to Bobby Hurley, UCLA-bound Kevin Anderson is a cross between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird (MAYBE!?!)

- Jameer Nelson heads the 2012 class of Saint Joseph's Athletic Hall of fame inductees

- A quick-look at the most famous alumni in UMass basketball history

- St. John's head coach Steve Lavin is set to undergo surgery on Thursday to treat his prostate cancer

- OF COURSE you need to know more about the 2011-2012 DePaul Blue Demons squad. Speaking of DePaul, Star-forward Cleveland Melvin is hoping to build off of his standout freshman season, one in which he was named Big East Rookie of the Year

- Rutgers is getting a burst of energy from a talented crop of freshman guards

- Rush The Court provides a solid primer on the America East Conference

- Former-Weber State player Brad Barton was found dead on Tuesday. The cause of death is still being determined

- If you are a fan of the Ohio Valley Conference or any of it's teams, you might want to make sure you get ESPNU. Ten OVC conference games will be aired on ESPN's college station

- Reason #29 why we love college basketball

I think I'm going to enjoy Vanderbilt this season

(H/T Anchor of Gold)

Yeah, this looks kinda awesome

Prayer for a Perfect Season from Blowback Productions on Vimeo.

This is just entirely too easy for Syracuse fans

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