Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning Dump

- TCU is as good as gone from the Big East

- Air Force is said to be heading to the Big East. But is it a done deal? The Academy is keeping it's options open

- The ACC is set with 14 teams, TV contract is the next big hurdle

- What does the future hold for the mid-major-conferences in this expansionocalypse mess? Don't think that the little-guys aren't thinking about it

- Boise State in the Big East? Sure, why the hell not? How many classes will a student athlete miss because of that Boise-to-Providence flight?

- Of course the new Big-XII chairman wants Missouri to stay

- According to The Boston Globe, ESPN played an important part in convincing Boston College to block UConn from joining the ACC in 2005

- John Calipari and Derrick Rose agreed to pay $100,000 in a settlement with fans threatening to sue because when the NCAA vacated the 2007-08 Final Four season

- Facts that support Rich Bozich’s clam that John Calipari is obsessed with Rick Pitino

- We should all be well aware that Bill Russell is suing EA Sports. But Deadspin wrote a fantastic article that you really must read

- Former-Big-XII commish Dan Beebe blamed Nebraska for the lack of equal rights deal

- Gary Parrish's "Five for the Weekend" is back. I don't care if it's Monday. Go read it

- John "Jet" Williams, aka "The Masked Dunker", was signed by the Harlem Globetrotters

- It's a good thing Marquette is better at basketball than they are at singing

- Rowing is not fun at all. But rowing at 5:00AM, that's just torture, or part of Temple's preseason conditioning regiment

- Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar compared freshman Tony Wroten Jr. to Magic Johnson

- Virginia Tech freshman Marquis Rankin had surgery on his injured knee and will be out of action for six to eight weeks

- UConn received their National Championship rings (#swaggy)

- Ray Mernagh explains why staying at VCU was an easy decision for Shaka Smart

- Former-Sacred Heart guard Chauncey Hardy was killed in Romania over the weekend

- Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford is glad that the Cowboys aren't going to the Pac-12

- Now that Lawrence Bowers is out for the season, Missouri head coach Frank Haith is struggling to fill up the front court

- A November tournament primer for the Maui Invitational

- Devon Williams committed to New Mexico

- An inside look at the Seton Hall Pirates

- An inside look at the St. John's Red Storm. Speaking of St. John's, head coach Steve Lavin had surgery to treat his prostate cancer

- A fantastic primer of the Big South Conference provided by Rush The Court

- Andre Drummond is already impressing players and coaches at UConn

- Florida forward Cody Larson won't serve any jail time for his probation violation

- New Mexico State is shrinking the seating capacity in their arena with the hopes of creating a better home-court environment

- I'm not gonna lie, this is one of the worst opening sentences I've ever read

- There's a good chance that this is the shoe the Kentucky Wildcats wear this season

- I wish I could attend Matt Knight Madness at Oregon

I knew there was a reason why I love Mike Rice and Gil Biruta

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