Monday, October 17, 2011

Midnight Madness, the day after

Midnight Madness may be nothing other than a party, but who doesn't love a good party? So to help you deal with that college hoops induced hangover, we've got ... YOUTUBE! There are a number of great videos from the night circulating the intrawebs right now, so we'll do our best to get them all to you right here. This post WILL be updated throughout the day, so be sure to keep checking back here.

If you got a video that we haven't posted yet, send it to ContactBIAH [at] gmail [dot] com

Creighton's Austin Chatman jumps over a seven-footer:

Credit Justin Young of the National Hoops Report for digging up this gem of Jamal Fenton doing, well, just watch the video:

The Memphis intros were phenomenal. Those kids must be so fired up. I loved Tarik Black coming out rapping, at the 2:30 mark Drew Barnham does ... something, and Wesley Witherspoon caps the video off at the 4:00 mark by doing the Bernie:

Memphis did some dunks too:

But they weren't as good as UConn's. Andre Drummond is a pterodactyl, but Ryan Boatright won this dunk contest hands down:

Does anyone "get" Midnight Madness better than Tom Izzo? This year, he enters in a jet:

Doc Nix and the Green Machine, the band at George Mason, may be the most entertaining in the country. For Mason's Midnight Madness, they played the Party Rock Anthem:

This is terrific -- Kentucky's women's coach dances to Billie Jean, hits the Dougie, and then does the John Wall:

Wagner's Josh Thompson dunks over his mom. But after he finishes the dunk, he doesn't give her a hug? Or anything? He just went viral because the woman that gave him life put her life on the line in a dunk contest? For shame, Josh. For shame:

More from Wagner's Midnight Madness. I don't think too many teams danced more than the Seahawks last night:

There is a reason Buffalo's Mitchell Watt was a member of the 2010-2011 B.I.A.H Posterized series. The dude can flat-out dunk:

Rodney Williams jumps over some barnyard animals at Minnesota's Midnight Madness:

I never expected Tubby Smith to pull of an entrance like this:

Pierre Jackson absolutely stole the show at Baylor's Moonlight Madness. Seriously, nobody his size should be able to jump that high:

It took four attempts, but Justin Coleman landed a fresh 360-off-the-backboard jam at Marshall's Midnight Madness:

A bunch of former-Wildcats made an appearance at Big Blue Madness:

There was nothing "mid-major" about the dunk contest at Cleveland State's Midnight Madness event:

It looks like there were plenty of open seats available at San Jose State's Midnight Madness:

A bunch of great highlights from Marquette Madness:

A solid recap reel of the Maryland Madness events:

Speaking of Maryland Madness, 7-footer Alexi Len does a cartweel. I hope this guy becomes elligible:

Angelo State is not a D-I school, but Alex Lewis dunks like a D-I athlete:

If there is one thing Oregon does well, it's flamboyancy. They certainly showed it off at "Matt Knight Madness":

Indiana's Will Sheehey rocked a "throwback" Hoosier uniform for the dunk contest at Hoosier Hysteria. The dunk he pulled-off wasn't bad either:

The West Virginia Mountaineers, led by Deniz Kilicli on his guitar, sing "Country Roads":

Syracuse was attempting to turn back the clocks by hiring Tone Loc to perform at their Midnight Madness. Unfortunately he was unable to attend. But it didn't matter because Sacred Heart turned the clock WAY BACK, getting The C+C Music Factory to perform:

Rick Ross was supposed to perform at Memphis Madness on Friday night, but suffered a seizure on the plane en route to Memphis. Josh Pastner was able to find a late replacement in the form of Yo Gotti:

Junior Cadougan and Buzz Williams do battle in a karaoke showdown at Marquette Madness:

Indiana's Victor Oladipo serenades the crowd at Hoosier Hysteria with a rendition of Usher's "You Got It Bad":


Kyle said...

How about just linking to espn3 for Kentucky's Madness, you know, since the entire event is on replay.

TeamWeaver said...

Kyle, I agree - of all the MM footage available at various programs, the KY Big Blue Maddness would be the easiest to obtain, the most entertaining, pull the most clicks, and preview a team almost certain to contend for a national championship. Why leave the Kentucky teams out?

While I begrudge the KY women's program nothing, footage of a coach doing a 'pale' imitation of Michael Jackson hardly constitutes a serious attempt to provide a serious glimpse of the teams as they kick off the season.

What it may show is a negative bias on the part of BIAH's Rob against Kentucky in general and Calipari in particular. He is entitled to his predjudices but it's not how he and Troy protray themselves and thereby not honest.

TeamReadTheWholePost said...

The only bias there is is on your behalf. You must have something against viewing the whole post. There is video of the Kentucky intros. I added it this morning.