Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can we stop talking about Wooden Award list snubs now?

The Wooden Award's list of the top 50 candidates was released on Monday, and as is the tradition, seemingly every person with a college hoops blog weighed in on the snubs.

Washington's Terrence Ross sure does seem primed for a big year, but he wasn't included. Arsalan Kazemi and Chace Stanback may end up winning the Player of the Year awards in their respective leagues -- Conference USA and the Mountain West -- but neither of them were nominated. Doron Lamb, who may end up leading Kentucky in scoring? No dice. Kevin Foster, who may end up leading the country in scoring? Nada. Kyle Weems? Kendall Williams? CJ McCollum? Jared Cunningham? Zilch.

But you know what?

It doesn't matter. Because none of those guys are going to be in contention for the Wooden Award anyway.

Look, I understand that its an honor to be named to the list. The preseason award watch lists are essentially the way we name the top 50 players in the country heading into the season. And while I feel for the guys that are on the outside of the top 50 looking in, they aren't necessarily snubs. You see, the preseason list not only doesn't include transfers -- which isn't a huge deal this year, but has been in the past with players like Wes Johnson of Syracuse -- it doesn't include freshmen. No Anthony Davis. No Andre Drummond. No Austin Rivers. No Cody Zeller.

There's a reasonable argument to be made that if the freshmen were allowed to be included in this list, the snubs would no longer look like snubs. (And yes, I do realize that this would open up a whole new group of "snubs", but I'm rolling, let me go.)

And there's an even more reasonable argument to be made that none of the guys on the edge of this list will actually be in the conversation for Player of the Year when the decision has to be made. That list normally comes down to a handful of players -- this year, it will likely be one of Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, Jordan Taylor, or Tu Holloway, or a "sleeper" like a Terrence Jones, Jeremy Lamb, or Doug McDermott.

Arguing about it is pointless.

But hey, at least we're arguing about college hoops. Things could be worse.

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