Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

I'll get the realignment crap out of the way early. (NOTE: Whenever you see the word crap, stuff, junk, hell or damn when referencing realignment, please be reminded that I'm using self-control. I'd love to drop F-bombs like it's frickin' D-Day, but we hold ourselves to high journalistic standards here at B.I.A.H. Okay, well, Rob does. I don't, but I'm told I have to.)

- West Virginia got rejected by the ACC? Missouri is being courted by the SEC. Air Force, and Navy to the Big East? East Carolina too? The Big East and Big-XII are going to merge? The Pac-12 won't grow past 12? What will the new ACC super-divisions look like? Trizzle for new NCAA President? (Sigh....I wish there was a link attached to that last one)

- According to Jeff Goodman the Pac-12 is back

- The non-Big East football teams need to unite, right? This move will hurt Pitt basketball, right?

- KenPom provides a fantastic list of transfers that will be eligible next season

- Been living under a rock for half a decade? Here's a cheat-sheet for you: It's all about the money

- Indiana continues to move forwards in the rebuilding process. Having a healthy Maurice Creek will help the Hoosiers accelerate the process

- A look at how UCLA got back on the recruiting map

- Rick Majerus' health is no longer a problem

- More on the post-Kyle Anderson decision: Shabazz Muhammad won't be swayed by Kyle's choice. Adam Zagoria tries to figure out where Seton Hall goes from here. You can pin-point UCLA's recent recruitment success to one key off-season hire

- I try to link to Jeff Borzello as little as possible , but since nobody else picked up this story, I have to tip my cap to Brozello

- This is the year Northwestern makes the tournament, right?

- A breakdown of St. John's 2011-2012 schedule

- Speaking of St. John's, Jakarr Sampson decommitted. This has not been a good week for the Red Storm. Where do they go from here?

- Archie Goodwin became the first member of Kentucky's 2012 recruiting class

- Kareem Canty will make his college decision next week

- Baylor got another commitment, this time for the frontcourt

- Miles Plumlee and Ryan Kelly were named the captains of the 2011-2012 Duke basketball team

- A spotlight on Iowa State's Royce White, Duke's Andre Dawkins and Ohio State's Jared Sullinger

- No George Washington, you shouldn't panic. Hurricane Expansion won't be reaching you

- You don't know enough about the Long Island Blackbirds or the Stony Brook Sea Wolves, which is why I am directing you to Big Apple Buckets

- Listen, I hate the University of Maryland. I hate nearly everything about it. That being said, I am very glad this is happening

This might be the best mixtape of the year


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