Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Morning Dump

- Your read-of-the-day comes from Money Players. They breakdown the recent literary spat between Seth Davis and Taylor Branch

- Jason King dishes on the ten most interesting questions heading in to the 2011-2012 college basketball season

- Kentucky is thinking about scheduling a game between the UK Legends and UK Villains. Rush The Court takes the time to think of some villainous squads for other historic programs. Brian Ewart puts together a team for Villanova

- Ohio State freshman LaQuinton Ross has been listed as a non-qualifier by the NCAA

- A great Big East round table discussion on the biggest team losses

- Popular 80s/90s rapper Tone Loc will headline Midnight Madness at Syracuse (Do kids these days even know who Tone Loc is?)

- Ken Pomeroy predicts the free-throw percentage for UNC big-man John Henson

- How much will conference expansion affect March Madness

- It was a smart move for the Atlantic-10 to move the conference tournament to Brooklyn

- Harvard got a huge commitment from top-100 forward Mike Hall

- Rick Pitino has some solutions to this conference expansion business. But is Pitino out of the loop?

- A solid-read on greed and it's effect on realignment

-Don Beggs, the President of Wichita State, is resigning. And of course, this somehow involves the mysterious "Board of Regents"

- Kansas is having it's own "Hell Week"

- Why on earth is Donna Shalala on the ACC expansion committee

- Word on the street is Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis is putting on some weight

- Word on the street is that the C-USA and MWC might discuss a merger

- Is Will Cherry the best defensive player in the Big Sky Conference

- Jordan Dumars, the son of Detroit-great Joe Dumars, is leaving the Michigan team because of injuries

- A solid conference preview for the MEAC

- Two Quinnipiac basketball players have been arraigned on assault charges

- Get to know Rutgers veteren Dane Miller

- Villanova By The Numbers provides a solid list of eight Big East transfers to watch for

- Xavier will rock the Cincinnati Royals uniforms during Musketeer Madness

- Last season, Josh "Jorts" Harrellson was the "Mother Hen" of the Kentucky basketball team. This season, Virginia big-man Mike Scott may be "The Godfather"

- Five questions for the Texas Tech Red Raiders

- I really do hate linking to Bleacher Report articles posts lists, and there are a handful of reasons why. But I just can't ignore this one: The 50 Best Non-BCS Player of All-Time

- The same goes for Jon Rothstein, but he has some good notes on Frank Martin and the new crop of Wildcats

Another edition of the B.I.A.H Caption Contest


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