Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Morning Dump

I don't like expansionocalypse. I don't like reading about it, thinking about it, discussing it or even linking to posts about it. But you all have given me no other choice. I beg of you, PLEASE START WRITING ABOUT BASKETBALL AGAIN. PLEASE.

- First we start off with a bit of shameless self-promotion. The B.I.A.H staff was on-hand at the Hoop Group Northern Virginia Top 100 Showcase this past weekend, and provided some write-ups and analysis on the guys who stood out at the event

- This is the funniest thing you will read all day: UConn's ACC admission's application

- Jim Calhoun has put his trust in UConn's President Susan Herbst. Unfortunately, she does not see staying in the Big East as a viable option

- How on Earth did we miss this? A possible NCAA violation involving John Calipari

- Gary Parrish believes the Big East will survive

- Jerry Carino details what Plan A and Plan B might be for Big East basketball survival

- Despite an all-out recruitment pitch, Seton Hall was unable to land Kyle Anderson. The highly-touted recruit decided on UCLA instead. Speaking of UCLA, senior Jerime Anderson has been suspended for the first two games of the season following his arrest for laptop theft

- What's this? Jim Boeheim says something I agree with? This is new

- Andy Katz details what could have been for Big-XII basketball

- Wait a minute, now TCU is going to stay in the MWC? This realignment crap is turning out like a bad game of Risk

- Can the basketball-only schools save the Big East? This is the best round-up of realignment reactions you will find

- Maybe we should have gone with JoePa's idea?

- The rematch is set between the Goodman League and the Drew league

- San Diego State guard Jamaal Franklin was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence

- Andy Bottoms previews George Mason's upcoming season

- Baylor is going to great lengths to try to save the Big-XII

- According to U.S. District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell, former-Duke star Christian Laettner is not in contempt

- Rush The Court takes Arizona's schedule to school

- Perry Ellis will make his college decision on Wednesday

- A solid preview of some of the better games on Penn's 2011-2012 schedule

- While discussing conference realignment over the weekend, I mentioned that maybe conferences should start to merge. @Ballinisahabit said that conference mergers were almost impossible and will probably never happen. Well, I'm glad to see he's once again proven wrong. Or so we are being told by The Nova Blog

- Iowa State got a commitment from Sherron Dorsey-Walker

- Tickets for the first annual Champions Classic go on sale soon

- Yes, this realignment article is geared towards football, but it has charts. Charts with numbers and colors

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