Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Morning Dump

- Texas A&M is heading to the SEC. Its official now. The best take I've read on the potential domino effect from the move -- Missouri? Va Tech? Oklahoma? West Virginia? -- is from Mike DeCourcy. Eric Crawford of the Louisville Courier-Journal had a solid take as well. RTC takes a look at the effect it has on hoops. We did the same a few weeks back.

- Could BYU be headed to the Big 12? The Upset Blog says yes.

- The Big East schedule was released on Wednesday, and among the many things that we were waiting for with baited breath was to see the three games that Jim Calhoun will be suspended for. Calhoun, who is officially returning for next season, will miss games against South Florida, Seton Hall and St. John's. As Matt Norlander explains, this was always going to be the case.

- Oh, and it should be mentioned that the suspension only makes the "punishment" that UConn received look even weaker.

- Stop what you're doing and go read this. Now. Thank me later.

- Kentucky's Big Blue Madness will be loaded this year. Like, seriously, loaded.

- Familiarize yourself with this kid -- Alec Brown, a seven-footer currently toiling in the Horizon League. He'll be a name that rises up draft boards before his career is over.

- Jeff Hathaway looks like he will keep his current position as NCAA Tournament chair.

- John Beilein wants to finish his career with Michigan.

- The money line in this Q-and-A with Ish Smith comes in the last question.

- Seth Curry has a chance to become a leader for the Blue Devils this season.

- Ricardo Ledo was supposed to announce his college decision today. That's not happening.

- I disagree with this theory. I think its more of a sign of the depth of the Big East and how good some of the teams at the bottom of the conference are.

- Stan Simpson was late getting to the Memphis campus because of a money issue with the JuCo he was attending. He's on the way now. And he's never been on a train before.

- Your first glimpse at the new Kentucky Wildcats.

- The Holy War headed to Hagan?

- Memphis wants to start hosting the Conference USA Tournaments.

- The mother of Torian and Tyree Graham passed away last night. Keep their family in your prayers.

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