Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Morning Dump

As you might expect, the dump this morning is going to be quite Expansionocalypse heavy

- Syracuse and Pitt shocked folks this weekend when they decided to leave the Big East for the ACC. Will UConn follow? Rutgers?

- Will this be the spark that sends Texas, Oklahoma, and friends to the Pac-12? Or is Texas still trying to get into the ACC?

- The NCAA president has no say in the shifting of the conferences.

- Jason King says this brings the ACC into basketball supremacy.

- Mike DeCourcy, a native of Pittsburgh, says that the move could destroy Pitt hoops.

- Dana O'Neil calls Syracuse, and Pitt, greedy hypocrites. Sean Keeley's response was hilarious.

- Irony? The founder of the Big East died the same day that Pitt and Syracuse jumped to the ACC.

- Switching gears, here is John Gasaway's takedown of Taylor Branch article in The Atlantic about the NCAA.

- And while we're here, Matt Norlander did a podcast with Taylor Branch.

- Five for Friday. I got a laugh out of the last paragraph, when Gary Parrish writes "there's not too much going on in college basketball these days".

- A town in Missouri is pushing Kansas to get rid of the name 'Jayhawks'.

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