Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Morning Dump

- Michigan State forward Delvon Roe is retiring due to chronic knee issues

- Rush The Court put together a monumental Q&A session with Taylor Branch (This is must-read stuff)

- The Octonian is back! (Also must-read stuff)

- What will be harder for Blaine Taylor to overcome -- shaving the stache, or the fact that Kent Bazemore is out for the first month of the season after breaking his foot in August?

- During basketball season, Eamonn Brennan's "Hoops Mailbag" is a weekly must-read

- What if I, or well, Jeff Goodman, told you that William Buford could become the all-time leading scorer in tOSU history? Would you believe me, I mean, him?

- We are getting closer and closer to seeing an increase in the "cost of attendance"

- Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart thinks the SEC will continue to expand

- Jeff Eisenberg provides a solid conference preview for the CAA

- Diamond Leung details how some of the CAA's best players are rehabbing from injury

- The TV schedule for Cal basketball has been released

- Check out the guest list for Big Blue Madness. That's a lot of recruits

- So this guy is running marathons now because he lost a bet on whether or not VCU would make the Final Four.

- Matt Norlander says that college hoops will be just that much more awesome without the NBA

- SDSU fans are expecting big things from Jamaal Franklin ... when he gets back from a likely-suspension from his DUI arrest.

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