Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Morning Dump

- This kid is nuts.

- Best read of the day comes from Diamond Leung on Stanford's efforts to turn their program around

- Dickie-V provides his super-7 for the 2011-2012 season (I have absolutely no clue why he chose only seven teams)

- John Calipari's newest recruiting tool: a customized corn maze

- With Texas A&M leaving the Big XII, does that open the door for BYU? Regardless, Texas A&M apparently blew this one four years ago when they decided not to join with UT in a Texas Network.

- Rush the Court takes a look at the senior citizen coaches

- Dana O'Neil provides a solid look at St. Joe's moving their Big 5 games out of The Palestra

- Iowa sold it's sports marketing rights to a firm who will re-name the basketball court. For $114 million dollars. Seriously. $114 million. But no, college football and basketball players shouldn't get a couple of extra bucks.

- Draft Express evaluates the U-19 games.

- Good stuff here from Doug Gottlieb -- 15 tips for freshmen

- Some non-conference goodness -- the Big East's top 25 games and the ACC's top 15

- Jason King takes a look at the offseason's biggest storylines

- Surprise, surprise. DeQuan Jones is denying the allegations against him.

- Kelvin Amayo will not be playing college basketball next year. His appeal was denied by the NCAA, and he told Adam Zagoria that he'll be doing a prop-year instead of going to a JuCO.

- Juwan Howard's kid is leaving Western Michigan

- Stan Simpson is on campus at Memphis

- Frank Haith isn't letting his past get in the way of recruiting, as he hauled in yet another recruit

- Magic backs a former teammate facing many years behind bars

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