Thursday, September 15, 2011

Frank Haith comments on the Miami situation

For the first time since Charles Robinson's explosive article on Miami for Yahoo! Sports dropped a month ago, Missouri head coach Frank Haith publicly and directly denied any wrongdoing during his tenure with the Hurricanes.

"I'm still unsure of what-all I can say," Haith said on KTRS' "Inside College Sports" show. "First of all ... I did nothing wrong at the University of Miami."

Haith has essentially been told to keep mum on the subject in the media, but he has commented on it before, usually in the form of a non-denail denial -- "I was not aware of any allegations against my program" at Miami "until this story was written."

But of course Haith is going to deny these accusations in the media. He's not going to come out and say "Yeah, we spent $10,000 on DeQuan Jones, and I was pissed. We only got 4.5 ppg out of him." What I found to be a more interesting part of the story is where Haith comments on his ability to recruit given the fact that every other team going after a kid the Tigers are on the trail of uses this situation to negatively recruit.

As we laid out here, recruiting for the next two years will be an enormous priority for Mizzou with the amount of talent headed out the door after this season. You think it hurt that two top Tiger targets -- Marcus Smart and Chicken Knowles -- both committed elsewhere over the weekend?

Would that be frustrating enough for Haith to speak to the media? I wonder if the lack of a public denial of the scandal factored into the decision.

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asher said...

This is a big issue for Mizzou right now. There have been a few high profile kids (like Rodney Purvis & Anthony Bennett) that have taken Missouri off their list due to the uncertainty around Haith.

Well I'm glad Haith has said something publicly, we really need our administration to come out in support of the coach. Until that happens, Haith isn't going to recruit any high level kids.