Monday, September 26, 2011

Arizona's Kevin Parrom escapes serious injury after being shot ... twice

There is a wild story coming out of the Bronx today. Arizona guard Kevin Parrom, who was back in New York to visit his sick mother, was shot in a dispute over a woman.

According to Adam Zagoria, Parrom had a girl come over to his apartment, which didn't make the girl's ex-boyfriend too happy. He showed up with another man who had a gun. That's when all hell broke loose:

“[Parrom] had a girl visiting him,” the second source said. “The girl’s jealous boyfriend or ex-boyfriend shows up at Kevin’s house. He brings a dude with him. The dude that’s with him has a gun.

"Somehow the guys get in the house, words are exchanged. One of the guys pulls out a gun. Kevin grabs the gun, they wrestle for the gun. The guy pulls the trigger, which grazes [Parrom] in the hand. The shooter pulls back and the shot grazes [Parrom] in the leg.”
How lucky is he?

Grazed by two bullets? That doesn't happen. Not even in movies. Parrom's AAU coach told the Arizona Daily Star that his injuries are not serious and that he is able to walk.

"I have been in contact with Kevin and his family throughout the weekend and look forward to his return to Tucson and being back in class this week," Arizona head coach Sean Miller said in a statement. "Our focus is on Kevin's health right now. Once we have more information, we'll be able to address his potential return to team activities."

There is no word yet on whether they caught the guys that attacked Parrom.

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