Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

There were so many terrific reaction pieces to the Yahoo! story about the Miami football program, and while many of them are more football related, they touch on a lot of things that happen in college hoops as well:

- Matt Norlander of CBS Sports

- Jeff Eisenberg of The Dagger

- Matt Hayes from the Sporting News

- Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage

- Adam Jacobi of CBS Sports

And now back to our regularly scheduled hoops programming:

- I doubt this story will get much play in Miami tomorrow

- Interesting column from Jeff Goodman on late commitments.

- Umm, yeah, this is awesome. Good work, Fasulo.

- Jeff Eisenberg caught up with the father of St. John's hoops commit Amir Garrett, who just signed a deal to play for the Reds farm system

- Jio Fontan of USC injured his knee in Brazil and will undergo an MRI. Its being called a sprain right now, but this is potentially very bad news for the Trojans.

- Good stuff from Heard This Blog on how Xavier has been able to successfully recruit

- Eamonn Brennan takes a look at how Utah is going to rebuild after losing eight players

- This story will make you sad

- Arzalan Kazemi is a name you should be familiar with if you are a hoops fan. Unfortunately, he will not be able to play with Iran's national team

- Its a bit depressing to think about the fact that this is actually news.

- Not sure I've ever seen this before -- Josh Pastner says he may just run with two full-time assistants this season.

- Raheem Buckles hopes to be cleared by the time the season starts

- Northwestern has picked the design for their new basketball court

- The schedule for the SEC's Tuesday night games has been released

- Duquesne lands a seven-footer

- St. Bonaventure loses a guard to a Butch pro team

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