Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

Have No fear. Your days of reading Rob Dauster-centric Morning Dumps are no more. I've been released from laptop purgatory and can now resume duties as Grand Poobah of the Morning Dump. I apologize in advance if this dump gets sloppy, but I'm still adjusting to this freakishly-small MacBook keyboard (What is this, a laptop for ants?)

- Gregg Doyel tackles the recent trend of head coaches banning the use of Twitter. Steve Lavin, Steve Alford and even Steve Spurrier banned olayers from using the uber-addictive social networking tool

Doug Gottlieb provides us with the 12 changes he would make to college basketball if he was in charge (Insiders Only)

- Cal Tech lost so many games (207 in a row, to be exact) that Disney wants to make a heart-warming movie about it (SPOILER ALERT: They finally win)

- Jeff Goodman provides a thorough list of all the preseason trips being taken by D-I programs

- Speaking of pre-season trips, Mike DeCourcy explains why these trips are a huge benfit for quality programs

- I'm not going to waste much time detailing what former-Illinois forward Jeremy Richmond did. Why? Because somebody like him isn't worth my time. But if you're intrigued, by all means, click the link

- NCAA President Mark Emmert had a lot to discuss at the recent NCAA rules and regulations retreat. Emmert stated that he will never allow pay-for-play" but some current NCAA rules need to be changed

- Part 2 of Swoosh Nation's list of the best arenas in college hoops

- Louisville has given head coach Rick Pitino a $3.9 million raise

- An interesting list of the top-10 best fantasy players in the Big East

- Northwestern got a big committment from highly-touted 2012 forward Kale Abrahamson

- Incoming Duke freshman Quinn Cook will sit out until September in order to rest his ailing knee

- The Arena Pulse provides a suscinct recruiting recap for the past week or so

- A nice breakdown of UNC-Wilmington's non-conference scedule

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