Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Morning Dump

- Here are a few reactions to the Bruce Pearl announcement that we enjoyed: Rush The Court, Dana O'Neil, Luke Winn, Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander

- A couple of big name recruits committed yesterday -- Kris Dunn is headed to Providence while Shaquille Cleare will be a Terrapin.

- Apparently Missouri's AD read Gary Parrish, because two days after he posted this column, Haith was publicly backed by the school. It may be too little, too late, however.

- Because of some weird rule that Maryland has, Aquille Carr -- who is one of the most entertaining players in the country to watch -- will not be able to travel to the Elite 24 game in California.

- John Calipari isn't the only coach producing professionals

- Jio Fontan is applying for an extra year of eligibility, but not because of the acl injury he suffered.

- Jabarie Hinds was cleared to play at West Virginia.

- Instead of enrolling at Xavier in 2012, Sim Bhullar will be attending New Mexico State as a walk-on next season. He would have done the same at X, but he couldn't afford their $43,000 price tag. More Xavier stuff here.

- I could have answered this question -- Duke paid for their trip to China and the Middle East with money from really, really rich fans.

- Archie Miller took over the Dayton program at the crisp young age of 32

- Frank Martin on twitter is awesome.

- The folks at Texas Tech weren't too pleased with Matt Norlander's post yesterday on Billy Gillispie. They are denying the report from Sports by Brooks about the way Gillispie's staffers left the program.

- Gary Williams to get $400,000 a year in an advisory role in the athletics department at Maryland. Should we call that his pension?

- Verizon FiOS to add the Longhorn Network. This is a pretty big deal.

Wanna see two different Plumlees get yunked on in one mixtape?

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