Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Morning Dump

I'm back from vacation and eager to make up for the last six days of disgraceful morning dumpages compiled by @ballinisahabit. I have a hard time understanding how this site was popular before I came aboard

Oh that's right.

It wasn't.

So once again I'm here to save the day

We lead of today's dump with a non-hoops-related link: The 2011 Culture Tournament presented by The Big Lead. (Everything is better in bracket-form)

- Memphis coach Josh Pastner is still looking for a third assistant coach. but if he can't find one that meets the requirements, the young head coach is fine pulling double duty, or so he says. But Gary Parrish provides the best answer yet, and what he suggests would kill two birds with one stone

- Is your school a "football school" or a "basketball school"? We linked to this post last week, but Boston College Interruption and Bruins Nation are still trying to figure out where they stand

- Frank Haith has not been at Missouri very long. But in his short time there, he's caused plenty of controversy. First, he committed a minor NCAA violation by discussing a potential recruit, and now he's in the middle of this disgusting Miami scandal. The people in Missouri are concerned, as they should be.

- More on Haith: Will Haith get canned before the season even begins? there were a couple of clauses placed in his contract regarding potential violations

- Well, it doesn't look like I'll be using the alias "Teddy Dupay" anytime soon (Well, to be honest, I don't think I'd ever use that name. I'm more of a "Maurice Clarett" type of guy")

- Dana O'Neil on why this may or may not be the best time to doubt Kansas

- Jeff Goodman provides an off-season report on the Colonial Athletic Association

- Jio Fontan, the star point guard for Southern Cal, injured his knee during an exhibition game with the Trojans in Brazil. The status of his injury isn't known yet, but it doesn't look good for USC

- Central Florida received a letter of inquiry from the NCAA yesterday regarding their shenanigans with expert shenanigan-artist Ken Caldwell (I bet you didn't think i could use the word "shenanigans" twice in once sentence?)

- Only the NCAA would have bylaws and amendments about fruits and nuts

- So Northwestern's new purple court might not be as purple as we once thought

- A pretty interesting take on what is in store for amateur athletics in the wake of the Class-7 hurricane brewing in Coral gables

- Chris Smith, Kyle Kuric and Peyton Siva have been named captains of the 2011-2012 Louisville Cardinals squad

- West Virginia freshman Tommy McCune was busted for shoplifting back in June and is having his pre-trial hearing today. But since he is currently in Italy with the team, he will not be able to attend

- What's this? Bikini Basketball. is there a difference between this and lingerie basketball?

- Get your commemorative Miami scandal t-shirts now!

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