Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Dump

Your fearless leader has officially returned to BIAH headquarters. Unfortunately, that has coincided with the death of Troy's laptop (RIP), which means that I will be taking over the Morning Dump while Mr. Machir shops. I'll do well, I promise.

- Dave Solomon, a columnist for my hometown paper -- the New Haven Register -- and a writer I grew up reading, passed away on Saturday night in a car accident driving home from a UConn football practice. Here are a few worthwhile words to read on him -- from Sean Barker, Jeff Jacobs, and John Altavila

- It was published on Friday, which means you've probably read it by now, but I must emphasize the fact that you all HAVE to read Luke Winn's work studying the transfer habits of top 100 recruits. Fascinating stuff. I'll also link you the two corresponding slideshows -- the most painful decommitments and the earliest commitments.

- This is a good read on Billy Gillispie. The man has his demons, but he certainly can coach. There is little doubt in my mind he'll succeed at Texas Tech.

- Robbie Hummel is back, baby!

- Do we finally have some closure on Andre Drummond and where he will play next season?

- So is Jayvaughn Pinkston, who isn't back as much as he is finally here.

- An interesting look at Sean Woods, the head coach of Mississippi Valley State.

- Good stuff from Ed Isaacson here on the foundation that Nolan and Sydney Smith established to help kids that lost their fathers at a young age.

- If you enjoy reading about the NCAA and potential reform, I strongly suggest taking a gander at these two articles.

- Here's Jay Bilas weighing in on Coaching Clinics.

- Here's something you might not expect to see -- a post arguing that Jared Sullinger doesn't have a great back-to-the-basket game.

- Former Memphis star Sean Banks was arrested after a car he was riding in ran from police and was found with $20k worth of stolen jewelry. This is the same guy that burned a gang insignia on a 15 year old girl with a cigarette.

- Some commitment stuff: Memphis native Martavious Newby is headed to Ole Miss, former LSU big man Garrett Green has transferred to San Diego State over Indiana, Chicago's finest prep baller Steve Taylor is headed Marquette, and Kendrick Nunn is headed to Texas A&M.

- I thoroughly enjoyed these stories from Jeff Eisenberg on the two unlikely members of the USA's World University Games team -- Orlando Johnson and Greg Mangano.

- Jason Gardner, who was a star at Arizona a decade ago, is taking an assistant coaching position with Loyola-Chicago.

- New Mexico State walk-on guard Makhtar Diop was stabbed over the weekend.

- Sad story from South Bend as big man recruit Eric Katenda has suffered an eye injury that is career threatening.

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