Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brandon Davies sighting?

BYU's basketball will be in rebuilding mode next season.

Let's ignore, for a second, the fact that they are losing Jimmer Fredette, a once in a generation talent and lottery pick. Jackson Emery, Fredette's back court side kick, graduated while Kyle Collinsworth, a promising freshman small forward, is going on his Mormon mission next year. Meanwhile Kyle's older brother Chris is coming off of season-ending knee surgery while reserve big men Logan Magnusson and James Anderson have left the program. All told, the Cougars stand to lose at least three of their top six players with a key post presence dealing with knee problems.

I say "at least three" because the key to the Cougar's season in 2011-2012 comes in the 6'9" form of Brandon Davies.

Davies, if you remember, was suspended in early March last season for violating BYU's Honor Code by having premarital sex with his girlfriend. Its no secret that the Cougars will be in trouble without Davies, but BYU beat writer Jay Drew made a promising observation yesterday:

Davies practiced "against" the team today in the Marriott Center, wearing a green jersey along with former players Lee Cummard, Trent Plaisted, Lamont Morgan and Logan Magnusson and going hard against BYU regulars in an early-practice 5 on 5 scrimmage.
BYU is going to play in Greece and Davies won't be going on the trip. There is also no new information yet as to whether or not Davies will be allowed back into school next year.

But the fact that he is scrimmaging with and against the current Cougars is a good sign.

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