Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Dump

- Hell Yes! Luke Winn provides power rankings for the auto-bids

- Lost Letterman provides a list of the top-10 dream match-ups for the first round of the NCAA tournament

- Jason Lisk explains why conference tournament results matter to the selection committee

- Nick Fasulo wonders if the end of Championship Week is turning in to the new "First Weekend"

- Out of all the teams that won automatic bids, Belmont has more potential to bust the brackets than all the others combined

- USC head coach Kevin o'Neil will be suspended for the rest of the Pac-10 tournament because of the post-game altercation he was involved in on Thursday night. The Pac-10 commishioner praised the university for taking swift action. The Trojans ended up losing to Arizona, which means their tournament hopes are all but over.

- The referees who blew the calls at the end fo the Rutgers/St. John's game withdrew from the rest of the tournament. But the word is out that Big East officals forced them too, and with good reason

- Two weeks ago, Gonzaga and Butler were both out of the tournament picture. Now both of the mid-major mammoths are tournament locks

- An awesome must-read top-25 list of the most tournament-obsessed colleges and universities

- The perfect March Madness bracket for fans of web design

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