Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

- A great-read on the role of luck in March Madness

- Eric Angevine details the funky play-calling system that Utah State employs

- Eamonn Brennan explains why tempo-free statistics might help when picking your brackets. Brennan also says the NCAA needs to ditch the foolish names for the opening round (Cosign)

- Seth Davis provides his hoop thoughts for every region of the bracket (must-read)

- According to Jason King, no player in the NCAA tournament will face more scrutiny and pressue than Jimmer Fredette

- Bill Clinton is a huge college hoops fan. He was at the Big East Tournament, and has been seen at a lot of big games. Casual Hoya sat down with the former president for a fantastic must-read Q&A Session (Clinton is a Georgetown graduate)

- Purdue head coach Matt Painter has suspended guard Kelsey Barlow for the remainder of the season due to "conduct detrimental to the team" (word on the street is that Barlow got in to an altercation with teammate Ryne Smith which left Smith with a concussion. But as of now those are just rumors)

- Sam Maniscalco, the leading scorer for the Bradley Braves, is transferring to Illinois

- CAA coaches get paid handsomely for taking their teams to the tournament

- Sidney Lowe has parted ways with North Carolina State (before they could fire him)

- Word on the street is that Jim O'Brein is the clubhouse leader to land the job opening at Providence

- Quite possibly the most handy-dandy/crucial bracket for all of you hoop-heads: Start-times and stations for every game

- With a record-11 teams in the NCAA tournament, the chances have to be good that the Big East teams under-achieve

- Rush the Court breaks down the chances of mid-major teams participating in March Madness

- President Obama finally filled out his brackets, thinks Pitt will win it all (1. Don't give me this "He needs to stop wasting his time dealing with brackets"-crap, we all know it takes under-5min. 2. If you had Pitt, change your pick.)

- Don't sleep on this year's crop of #13-seeds. Matt Norlander believes they could cause some serious bracket-busting. Mike Adams lists six mid-majors primed for tournament success. Adams also educates us on five of the best mid-major players in the tournament

- According to Forbes Magazine, John Calipari is the most overpaid coach in the country

- An awesome list of the famous alums from each team in the NCAA tournament

- Chris Chase provides some background on why colleges have certain nicknames and mascots

- Not sure why the Wall Street Journal is writing about this, but it's definitely worth the read: An investigation on 3-point googles

- Of course there is a bracket out there that has Princeton winning it all

- If this is what newspapers look like in the future, I want my eyeballs removed

- Everybody and their mother wants to be the one to correctly pick the #15/#2 upset, but there might not be as many upsets this year as we think

- If you are a high-risk type of person, this is the perfect bracket for you

- You too could own a piece of UCLA's historic Pauley Pavillion

- The top-10 Gus Johnson calls from March Madness (We are doing our own top-10 on Gus-Jeezy, but sure, you can check theirs out too....I guess)

- an interesting all-name team for March Madness

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