Monday, March 7, 2011

VIDEO: It is not possible to get suspended by Conference USA

Three weeks ago, Tim Floyd flipped out over a call when UTEP visited East Carolina. He got two technicals and was ejected from the game, but not before he game the referee a piece of his mind. Floyd's outburst was so intense that he had to be escorted off of the court by a cop.

It was the second time this season that a Conference USA head coach had to get escorted off the court by the police. The same thing happened to Larry Eustachy, the head coach at Southern Miss, earlier this season.

Neither coach was suspended by the league.

And now comes this video. Marshall and Central Florida played a physical, emotionally charged game over the weekend in which seven technicals were called. But the ugliest moment of the game came when Dago Pena of Marshall laid out UCF's AJ Rompza with a vicious elbow while the two were battling for a loose ball:

Amazingly, Pena will not be suspended, either.

He was ejected from the game, but since no punches were thrown, no suspension was given.

Take a look at that hit.

Throwing an elbow can be just as damaging as throwning a punch. That elbow was clearly intentional, came after the whistle, and landed right on Rompza's jaw. If that doesn't warrant a suspension, I don't know what does.

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