Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Morning Dump

The guys over at From the Barn are raising money for Japan Disaster Relief. We will be dropping this link all month, as it's more than a worthy cause.

- A great-read on Gus Johnson. Nothing else needs to be said

- Jeff Eisenberg defines the good and the bad of this year's tournament

- Eamonn Brennan provides his initial analysis of the brackets

- Blogger So Dear has a list of five Cinderella-hopefuls for the 2011 Tournament. Mid-Major Madness picks three Cinderella-hopefuls

- Andy Golckner took his talents to the video screen to discuss bracket pairings. Here is his wife's take on seeing him talk. Our take? stick to being a writer

- A gap is growing between tournament teams when it comes to graduation rates

- Word on the street is that North Carolina State is going to fire Sidney Lowe

- According to Jeff "The Scoopmaster" Goodman, Oklahoma has fired head coach Jeff Capel

- Akransas has fired head coach Mark Pelphrey. Florida coach Billy Donovan questioned the firing. Pelphrey thinks the school didn't give him enough time

- Eric Angevine provides a breakdown of all the coaches with tournament experience who have recently been fired.

- Jim Whitseell has been fired at Loyola (IL). The head coachw as there for seven years and compiled a record of 109-106

- The head coaches of two teams that got snubbed have differing opinions (I'd be pissed too if I got left out four years in a row)

- Speaking of Seth Greenberg, he thinks the committee may have a hidden agenda

- Diamond Leung says that Wofford has a plan to stop Jimmer Fredette

- Tournament odds according to Ken Pomeroy and his crazy statistics

- The NCAA tournament will have no shortage of story-lines, so sayeth Lost Letterman

- Ohio State recieved the overall No. 1-seed but did not get a favorable draw

- Eight Pac-10 schools received post-season births. four teams (Arizona, Washington, UCLA, and USC) got NCAA bids, while two (Washington State and Colorado) received N.I.T bids. Oregon also made the post-season receiving an invite from the C.B.I.

- Jason Lisk wonders how much team experience will play a factor in March

- NBA Draft Blog provides a solid list of players to watch in the Opening Round

- Matt Norlander pens a haiku for each of the Thursday/Friday games (NERD ALERT!, NERD ALERT!, I mean, what the hell is a haiku? is that a type of sushi?)

- Draft Express believes Richmond's Justin Harper could be the breakout performer of March Madness

- Iowa State freshman Eric McKnight will transfer

- Indiana head coach Tom Crean will work as a studio analyst for CBS and Turner Sports during the NCAA Tournament

- Northwesten came up short of making their first NCAA tournament appearence. But they still may have what it takes to win the N.I.T.

- Wait, you're saying that gambling on the NCAA tournament is illegal?

- It was just five years that George Mason shocked the world. Jim Weber reminds us of their amazing feat

- Apparently the NCAA won't allow Butler to bring their live mascot Blue II to the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. (Georgetown, who also has a live bulldog mascot, plays their home games at the Verizon Center)

- There are numerous ways to fill out your bracket. One school of thought is using minimal risk in your selections

- An idiot's guide to March Madness

- The great moments in college basketball recreated with legos

- Get to know the personalities of the different seeds (Very entertaining stuff)

- Saturday Night Live spoofed the Selection Sunday Show. (It's kinda funny. A bit forced, but well, anything Charlie Sheen-related is forced these days)

- Somebody over at Deadspin is really pissed off at the selection committee

- A neat video from the perspective of the bracket

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